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First A380 powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel takes to the skies

Toulouse, 28 March 2022 – Airbus has performed a first A380 flight powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Airbus’ A380 test aircraft MSN 1 took off from Blagnac Airport, Toulouse, France at 08h43 on Friday 25 March. The flight lasted about three hours, operating one Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine on 100% SAF. ( More...

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mbrews 14
SAF was used in 1 of the 4 engines. The other 3 must have used conventional jet fuel. That's 25 % SAF powered in normal math. Only in Greta's meta-world would a headline claim 100% SAF.
George Lane 10
I'll agree the phrasing is a bit sneaky - it's technically true that 100% of the 25% of the fuel is sustainable, but the phrasing "powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel" is kind of misleading.
Peter McGrath 7
Please don't make excuses for poor reporting. They just plain LIED like so many "journalists" and news sources do today!
Scumhook 2
"Journalists" aka "let me find stuff on Twitter and quote that as news"
David Tsai 1
I also agree, but the important part is that they made fuel that was 100% sustainable, even if they only put it in one of the engines. It's a much smaller leap to put that fuel in all four engines than it is to take a fuel source from 25% to 100% sustainability.
Im really disappointed with these SAF stories. Many of them make it seem like it's either a huge majority or the entire aircraft using it, when it's still just a small percentage.
linbb 11
From what I see with it is the huge amount needed to make this so. Cost is extremely high too due to what it takes start to finish in producing it. The source of it is second hand has to be gathered from the first use places that use cooking oils and such, taken to somewhere to refine and then shipped to wherever its needed. People think diesel and jet fuel is expensive now this stuff is going to cost possibly twice or more easy. Where I used to work we ran test bio diesel worked great but we could not without taxpayer, oh grants use it. These were public transit coaches by the way about fifteen years ago and its not any less expensive now. Smoke and mirrors.
David Tsai 3
I'm with you, but to be fair, I think that Greta would word things to seem less sustainable, not more.
Samuel Bixler 1
This is the next step in proof of concept. One engine was run for the entire test flight (I guess) on 100% SAF, which is what was intended. Nobody (at least according to the article) is claiming that this is ready for market. But isn't every innovation in flight tested to the nth degree, and by incremental steps?

A new airliner doesn't just leave the factory and take to the skies. There are engine tests, taxi tests, etc, etc for months before it leaves the ground. This was just a next (and significant) step in testing this fuel, running a large engine on 100% rather than a mix as was previously done.

Yes, the headline is a bit misleading at first glance, but it's not a lie, either. The plane was indeed powered by 100% SAF. Not mixed with jet fuel, 100% SAF. But only on one engine.
21voyageur 2
Sorry, does not pass the editorial sniff test. Cheap reporting.
supejc -1
One of my favorite quotes: "Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas." I'm sure if you took a step back and appreciated the bigger picture, you wouldn't be so upset.
mbrews 8
Nobody is upset. People have different points of view, as to what's useful and what's mindless virtue signalling (by Airbus).

From the article - SAF... was made from Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA), free of aromatics and sulphur, and primarily consisting of used cooking oil, as well as other waste fats.

Not very scalable, and not an economic choice.
jeff slack 2
I appreciate this comment so much; as you can see tho' others are caught up in their own self-centred timeline and have no concern for anyone's future, even if it may be their children's or grandchildren's future.
Nooge -7
Seniors are now focused their own self-centred timeline and have no concern for anyone's future
JJ Joe Namath call and get your free benefits its free call now
Reverse mortgages and disregard for the planet

Seniors used to leave inheritences now they dont care if they leave ponzi scheme entitlement debt and a damaged planet
You want to know why seniors don't leave inheritances anymore? Because that's what their kids are living for... Waiting for dad and mom to die so they can get everything and blow it in six months. I am 76 years old. I came into the world with nothing, and I still have most of it left. My kids had to get real jobs and make their own money. It taught them the value of budget.
Bandrunner 3
"Sustainable", my donkey.
a1brainiac 3
I thought I smelled french fries
This story reminds me of what you see on YouTube. Clickbait. False or deceptive title to make you get interested enough to watch. For an airplane as big as the A380 it wouldn't be notable until at least 100% of their fuel is used in two or more engines. You don't fly an A380 from San Francisco to LA.
Peter McGrath 2
Seems I remember when they tried to run an automobile on "used cooking oil and fat". They had every dog in the town following after the test vehicle!
21voyageur 2
Eye-bait again for the reasons mentioned earlier. Not once in a while but, , , every , , , friggin, , , week.
ROFLMAO!!! More pipe dreams from the left. How on EARTH are you going to collect USED COOKING OIL to power airplanes? Oh, let's all start recycling our cooking oil, putting it on the street every week in bins for the used cooking oil trucks to pick up.
Amazing plane, good news for a new future !
Nooge 0
Science and innovation are our future
21voyageur 1
always have been and always will be however social media fueled reporting style with 1/2 BS content just makes the journey that much more arduous. My 2 cents worth.


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