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Solo Skydiver Dies After Hard Landing

The solo skydiver – a 33-year-old man from British Columbia, Canada – was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased. ( More...

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bentwing60 3
Maybe this should be posted on as it could hardly be considered to possess more than an extraneous connection to the site it was posted on!

and, bye the bye, many a pro pilot more than once said, "only two things fall from the sky, bird scat and fools. To which I might add AB's and Boeings operated by third world part 121 operators.
patrick baker 1
the nondescript "hard landing" says very little. Skydivers may have hard landings if they have partial openings, both chutes nearly open but tangled together, or no opening at all. His chute, especially if it was a square chute, could have collapsed. I know of two thousand-jump skilled skydivers each of whom's square chute collapsed under a thousand feet, thus not enough time to pull the reserve and save their lives. Being a retired jumper, i have to chuckle at the so-called humerous only two things fall from the sky-bird poop and fools. A failed attempt at humor from a person too scared to use a parachute for fun....


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