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United Kingdom Lifts all Travel Restrictions

The Transport Secretary of the United Kingdom has confirmed this morning that all U.K. travel restrictions will be lifted at the end of this week. This means that passengers intending to enter and stay in the United Kingdom, regardless of vaccination status, will not have to take a pre-arrival COVID-19 test or book a test after arrival in Britain. ( More...

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Sally Roberts 19
Whoopy Doo, I wish the Emperor of our state, Westralia in the large continent of Australia, would do the same. We've been locked up for far too long, and now we are unlocked we have mandates. All in the name of Emperor martyrdom, I suspect. The war in Ukraine far more important than how many are in hospital here!!!
Scumhook 2
We have a unique perspective here - we're able to see what we're going look like up to 2 years in the future, and adjust our behaviour to avoid some of the mistakes that other locations have made.
Except that the govt is more interested in blaming others and covering their collective behinds.
David Sindall 18
UK simplyfing matters.
I wish a few other countries would follow suit and then we could get back to normal travelling….
James Lewis 4
It is happening, perhaps more slowly than you would want but travelling is getting easier every day (at least at the moment until another wave of Covid arrives).
Mike Mohle 5
Probably around Labor Day, just in time for the midterms and 1000% mail out ballots..... They are already printed and ready to go.
Michael Dealey -6
Yes, lord Fauci is already talking about it.
Jeff Taylor 15
Too bad the US Administration lacks the balls to make the same decision. Folks it is far beyond time to return to normalcy.
ray netherwood 28
The rest of the world should do the same. One upon a time, the Common Cold was a Novel Coronavirus.

It’s a constantly mutating thing, just like the flu …….

So, lockdowns we’re dumb and didn’t work.

All the scrubbing, distancing, and face diapering didn’t work.

And, the jabs may have reduced some deaths in the elderly, but for anyone under 65, more of a threat than a benefit.

So, yay Brits (sort of), and YAY Florida!!

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Speaking of diapers, how's your White House leadership doing?
Taylor Hudson 3
My kids wear masks all day in school and still get sick. Enjoy your mask
Mike Mohle 2
And most wear them "wrong" anyway.
Clearly a brilliant mask lover.

Unmasked, unjabbed, have traveled extensively (usually car), and no WuFlu!!

Initially, when someone coughed or sneezed, I ran into their space with the hope of contracting it. No luck. Now, I just ignore the yakkers and gakkers, and press on.

Methinks I smell a fear-riddled Democrat.
Ian Campbell 8
"The great thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not." -- Neil deGrasse Tyson, and a career scientist like me. Scientific method. Our kids learn it in middle school. Be well, Ray!
Ian Campbell 6
P.S. Another Tyson quote: "To be scientifically literate is to empower yourself to know when someone else is full of shit."
alex hidveghy 3
Brilliant comment!
strickerje 1
One anecdote isn't data. And the vaccines were absolutely pitched as preventing infection and spread. Many of us were coerced into getting them because that was how we'd "get back to normal". Now there have been more "official" deaths since the vaccine became available than before it. With a new variant twice a year, vaccines were always going to be a moving target.
Reno Zeno -1
You don’t make any sense, just rambling!
Maybe you should look up each of his "rambling" points. Facts (from the CDC itself) support everything he said.

And by the way, you and everyone else keep referring to these shots as "vaccines" when they're not.

Last August, the CDC changed the 100+ year-old accepted definition of a "vaccine" just to accommodate these shots, after people kept pointing out that they do not impart immunity and do not stop transmission.

At the same time, they changed the definition of "herd immunity" claiming it is only achieved through vaccination - another lie in blatant disregard of over a hundred years of accepted medical knowledge.

And perhaps you should study what scientist learned about masking after the 1918 pandemic. I'll give you some advice: Google isn't going to be your friend in this situation. You'll need to dig through CDC papers buried deep on their page, and look to newspaper articles from the time.

Unfortunately for you (and most people), this will take some time and effort on your part. The fact that the majority of people can't be bothered to do this, is something the people pushing this nonsense is counting on.

Your TV is lying to you. Turn it off.
Reno Zeno 3
I don’t watch TV! You make too many assumptions.

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dmedders 9
Ray listened to the 928,000+ medical professional signatories on the Great Barrington Declaration...instead of lifer government bureaucrats who have not treated a patient in the this century.

Perhaps you would care to tell us why you discarded the profound knowledge of so many medical professionals in favor of bureaucrats who so obviously failed us all?
My profound knowledge came from actually being sober and awake during human biology and anatomy courses … work as a data analyst, 12 years in military healthcare, and a three-year stint in Public Health for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Not to brag, but since April of 2020, I’ve sort of called everything that has come to pass. Being right sometimes is a burden.

Where I hope I’m wrong, is the future of the jabbed. :-(
It is great to be optimistic on any subject, but in this case you are way over the top…..!

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You might *understand* what they say, but do you check to see if it:

a) makes sense
b) is accurate

Because we keep finding out that everything they told us has been wrong... over and over again.

I guess what you fail to realize is that most scientist we've been hearing from for the last two years (especially ones you see on TV), ARE BUREAUCRATS. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye and especially Fauci are just talking heads - paid by the people who concocted the whole pandemic.

And why was anyone ever listening to Bill Gates? What medical qualifications does he have other than owning the WHO? - Oh, I guess that answers my own question.

And then we have Tedros Adhanom - also not a doctor but somehow heads the WHO (after a stint as a high ranking member of a terrorist organization).

Fuaci isn't even a virologist and yet he has been the public face for the (supposedly) two worst viral outbreaks of the last 40 years.

And then we have Rochelle Walensky actually admitting in an interview that she got her facts about vaccine effectiveness from the mainstream news.
dmedders 0

What scientists, how are they conflicted, and what have they told you that makes you competent to discount the work of Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya? They are the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Oh, it is bureaucrats, not beuarocrats.
James Lewis -4
Look - no point in arguing with you. You have anti-establishment beliefs which allows you to ignore the thousands of govern medical people who support WHO, CDC, National Governments, Federal and state/Provincial governments, medical boards and independent experts throughout the world. You will always find a few people whose OPIONIONS differ. You are still wrong - was not 928,000 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALs and you are arguing on opinions instead of facts. Just keep you scepticism to yourself and don't encourage others to risk their lives because of OPINIONS. Start quoting factors of deaths from Covid related to age groups - yesy more older people died - but many younger and healthy people also died. Easy to ignore the facts and be wise after the event!!!
Phillip Smith 3
Does this include the “Passenger Locator Form”?
Ronald Jacobs 5
Bill Overdue 3
It's about time!
William Coons 3
I agree totally,all theater.
Flora Brands 7
Yahoo!!!!! Lets get the ball rolling!
It's all theater anyway.

Remember when the pandemic started? Everything got shut down. Couldn't go out to eat, couldn't go outside without a mask, couldn't do anything... but you could still get on an airplane with a mask because.. hepa filters. Hepa filters, we were told, were so good at purifying the air, that air travel would be okay as long as we wore masks.

Now everything is open again and masks aren't required in most places, except airplanes.

So if it's safe enough to go about your business without a mask in a normal setting, why not on airplanes with their fabulous hepa filters?

Because there was never any science behind any of the rules anyway, that's why.
Masks were just a psy-op to keep people from forgetting we were in a "pandemic".
Tim Dyck 0
this whole pandemic has been one contradiction after another from the beginning. Science left the discussion way back in Jan 2020 and hasn't been seen since.
So sorry about what's happening in OZ. Your Government is acting like a dictatorship. Rise up citizens! You are not slaves but free people.
Andy Ridings 4
Hey Hans
I'm not making the connection
1.Right wing/Anti science
2. Windmills??
Ronald Jacobs 2
I assume '1' is a comment about anti-vaxers and '2' is certainly a reference to 'tilting at windmills' the English translation of the Spanish novel 'Don Quixote'.
I am not confident that I understand how those are linked?
Ronald Jacobs 1
I'm guessing his link is that anti-vaxers have been 'tilting at windmills' when attacking the science that has produced the vaccines that have tamed Covid and enabled the removal of restrictions. Perhaps Hans will speak for himself!
Really, that's not at all the meaning of "tilting at windmills." But I doubt that Hans is capable of providing a rejoinder.
Ronald Jacobs 2
So, Quixote tried to fight windmills that he thought were giants. Imagined enemies. Surely my guess as to the analogy that Hans was using is a reasonable one?
That attempted analogy really has nothing to do with the Cervantes phrase of "tilting at windmills."
Ronald Jacobs 1
Given Hans' very evident (and rather forthright) views on the subject I think it was highly relevant for him to choose (wittily, he probably thought) to make an analogy of tilting at windmills/imagined enemies.
MSU Sparty 10
Fauci and Wallensky are not happy about this. It really messes up their plan for at least 9 boosters for everyone.
The problem with Dr. Fauci, and not so much with Dr. Wallensky, is that he has preached from a government-protected bully pulpit with unfailing certainty about matters related to SARS-CoV-1, COVID, epidemiology, and drug/vaccine development, availability, efficacy, and safety which he simply did not know. His behavior implied that disagreement with his tenuous grasp of these issues was equivalent to anti-science, as though he was the fount of all such scientific knowledge, led many to eye most things he said and supported as unreliable.
Chris B 3
It makes it much easier to get to the UK from US, but a PIA getting back here. Which really makes it so much more annoying that the US requires a negative test before boarding.

At least UK has testing facilities everywhere, even in Heathrow after you check your bags.

And don’t get me started on the VeriFLY app…..
Ann Wilkins 3
What a money saver. I fly to the UK several times a year to visit family. In the past I've had the test for the flight there, day 2 and 8 test, day 5 test to shorten quarantine and then test for flying back to US. About $500 of testing. The US is still losing 1,200 a day - most of them unvaccinated. Covid is no joke! Still need to be smart about things.
"We have got to stop with this Covid theater." - Gov. Ron DeSantis
All travel restrictions?
Does this mean you can once again travel to the UK without restriction, even if you are not injected with a so-called “covid vaccine”?
Salih Ahzem 11
Exactly, no restrictions at all besides the usual visa and passport requirements.
Colin Seftel 0
Yes, but I wouldn't advise the unvaccinated to visit, because they will very likely get infected. About 1 in 20 people in Britain have Covid19, but because nearly the entire British population has been vaccinated there, are comparatively few hospital cases.
Tim Dyck 1
One in 20 is 5%. Britain has 68 million people so that would mean 3.4 million people infected. According to the UK government they only have 607,737 cases at the moment so your off by a large margin.
Colin Seftel 1
Check here:
Tim Dyck 1
That’s were I got my numbers from. Perhaps you have misinterpreted the data?
James Cox 1
Including Russia?
alex hidveghy 1
No, these are Covid travel restrictions.
Go go go all countries go go go go people wake up
msetera 1
I wish the Brandon administration would do the same, and follow science not politics.
Andy Ridings -6
I wish I could feel sorry for the saps that got the experimental "Clot Shot"
Colin Seftel 0
Britain is able to drop the restrictions because more than 70% of the population has now been vaccinated. If you want your government to drop its restrictions, get vaccinated!
Tim Dyck -2
Statistics clearly show the vaccinations are not working so why bother. I got my first two shots but after viewing the data I won't get a booster.

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dmedders 7
Perhaps you should review the approval data, Hans.

Or perhaps not...just continue in the mass formation.
And, just what is your connection to science, Habs?
Tim Dyck 1
science doesn't give a crap if your leftwing or rightwing but ideology like yours ignores science daily.
Mike Mohle 0
Aren't you heading out for a drive in the car about now, alone, with your mask on? I thought so....
Perhaps we're fighting them, but you are defending them, as if they were just as real.
Andy Ridings -1
My thoughts precisely


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