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Cruz speculates on the real reason behind massive flight cancelations

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, took to Twitter late Sunday to speculate about Southwest Airlines’ decision to cancel more than 1,000 flights just days after its pilots’ union asked a court to block the company's new COVID-19 vaccination mandate. The airline has blamed the cancellations on "disruptive weather" and air traffic control issues. Some Twitter users were suspicious of the timing of the disruption, including the Texas Republican. ( More...

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Ted Cruz is a perfect example of one who says, "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!" Arguments against accepting the vaccine make about as much sense as someone declaring he can't freeze to death in a minus 20° freezer because his body is warm.
Mike Webb 13
Lest there be any doubt, vaccination against Covid is sound medical science that protects us and those around us from serious illness and/or death. It defies belief that the highy skilled and inteligent people who fly us every day can think such vaccination is bad for us or a violation of our rights.
Kevin Keswick 1
Healthy young adults in their twenties and thirties are at near zero risk of dying from covid if they get infected.

This same group however is at a very elevated risk of myorcarditis/pericarditis post vaccination. This condition can kill them shortly after they fall ill - however if they survive the initial acute inflammation they are left with a damaged heart muscled for life. According to the NIH the five year mortality for myocarditis is 50%.

From a public safety standpoint do we really want pilots at the controls who have a ticking time-bomb in their hearts?

No doubt many airline workers are aware of the above FACTS which is why they are resisting the vaccines. Health care workers certainly know of these risk factors which is why 10,000's of them are refusing to get vaccinated and face being fired. The very people who heroically risked their lives to treat covid patients at the outset of the pandemic are being villainized by Biden and and thrown out onto the streets.
Kevin Keswick, spoken like a true Republican .
Greg S 3
There is a risk of myocarditis from the vaccine, but claiming the risk is "very elevated" is false. The risk is very small. Furthermore, you statement about near zero risk of covid deaths for healthy young adults in "their 20s and 30s" is also false because you lumped the 20s and 30s together. The risk of dying for people age 30-39 is 4x the risk for those aged 18-29.
Kevin Keswick -3
The infection fatality rate (IFR) is very small in the ages I mentioned. Here is a breakdown of IFR's

The estimated age-specific IFR is very low for children and younger adults (e.g., 0.002% at age 10 and 0.01% at age 25) but increases progressively to 0.4% at age 55, 1.4% at age 65, 4.6% at age 75, and 15% at age 85 source:

The incidence of myocarditis in the age 16-25 group is estimated to be as low as 1 in 1000 injections
Greg S 1
"The incidence of myocarditis in the age 16-25 group is estimated to be as low as 1 in 1000 injections"

Ted Snyder 1
Well stated! As someone over 65 and having had this disease, I would rather fight the disease than the vaccination.
JJ Johnson -4
I have had it and my immunity is great. Ram your mandate up your butt
Fox stirring the pot from their vaxxed and masked tower.

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Neil49 11
Do you wear a seat belt when you drive? Or as a passenger on a commercial flight?

Do you carry auto insurance when you drive?

Do you comply with traffic signals and stop signs even when you perceive no need for them?

Would an affirmative response to any of the above mean that you were, in fact, a sheep?
EMK69 -2
Wearing a Seat belt, traffic regulations, and having insurance is LAW. Those will net you a fine and jail time.

However, there has been no legislation passed at the state or Federal level that requires vaccines of any kind into anyone. Even the MMR shots that young children take are not forced into children all they do is sign a waiver in order to gain access to schools.

Those who use this debate are debating apples v oranges when it comes to LEGAL law and a asked for mandate piece of paper.As of this date and writing NO OSHA regulations has been signed into LAW forcing vaccine into a certain segment of our society.
John D 2
Dan Anderson 13
oodutch - When it comes to the safety of entire societies, it is no longer UP to just the individual, but what is best for that society.

Maybe you are too young to remember when Polio & Smallpox vaccines were mandatory. It was not up to the individual but for ALL children wishing to attend public schools. Why do you ask? Because it was for the safety of society. The same applies to the nCOVID-19 vaccine.
Ted Snyder -1
Really when did we do this for influenza?
Brent Bahler 5
Schools across the country require all sorts of vaccinations, a mandate that dates to the post WWII years.
EMK69 -4
Corrections schools ask for either proof of the MMR Vaccines OR a signed correction from the legal guardian waving such requirements for various reasons. There Is NO mandatory requirement for the MMR vaccine in order to attend school
John D 2
I am going to take you to task on this one. Iowa is the only state that does not mandate MMR vaccine

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you can speed up your travel time by running red lights, after watching freedom loving car-jackers being chased, put the effectiveness at about 70% . . .
WeatherWise -3
Keep drinking that Pig Trump Kool-Aid, which, by the way, doesn't prevent Covid as well as the vaccine does.
Is Ted having trouble getting to Cancun again?
Kevin Keswick 2
Let there be any doubt about what is behind the massive flight cancellations check out this picture of a Soutwest aircraft with a "Don't Tread on Me" draped outside a cockpit window >>

(copy and paste link in your browser)
linbb 1
Well think the part Speculates says why it doesnt need to be even posted.
btweston 0
Maybe it was the dorks who are afraid of needles because they are fed laughably false information by the right-wing propaganda machine.

But I will say that my new magnetic superpowers are pretty cool.
Kevin Keswick -9
Can there be any doubt about the cause of the cancelations? Southwest employees are calling in sick by the thousands to protest vaccine mandates. This is just the beginning. Expect other airlines to be hit as well as Amtrak.
Dan Anderson 3
Kevin - Show actual empirical evidence with citations to prove it is because of protests and not for any other reasons.

Until you do, I have no choice but to take your claim as frivolous and nonsensical.
godutch -5
Oh...Dan, we can't comment or have opinions on web boards without 'empirical evidence' now??? You the keeper of the castle? Go away.
Brent Bahler 3
The 1st Amendment does not protect the right to lie, especially when your lie is a provable threat to public health and safety.
John D 3
Correct, it's called spreading misinformation. The nation has had enough of Michael Lindell and Q'anon bullshit, amongst others.
Brian James 1
So first, the mandates are coming from the airlines, not the government.

Second, the mandates at American and United have resulted in over 90% of the employee population being vaccinated.

Third, the OSHA directions indicate that if you refuse the vaccine, you can test every week at your workplace.

Finally, the corporate mandates are more severe than the suggested government mandate.

It's interesting that the capitalists don't want to let the free market decide the direction with this issue.
mcut 2
First, the covid jab mandate is coming from Biden's Sept. 9 Executive Order. CEOs of Southwest and American (and others) are choosing to comply with the E.O. Gary Kelly says that he is doing so b/c SW is a "federal contractor."

Second, the "OSHA directions" that your refer to in your #3 do not exist. Such "directions" are a process (which may or may not have commenced). So far, the only OSHA "regulation" forcing private companies w/ 100+ employees to vax/test everyone is a Press Release.

Third, at this time, the SW CEO is not proclaiming his fealty to the would-be OSHA Regs; he is obeying the Executive Order (as he sees it, or as he claims he sees it).

Bonus info: The Texas-based CEOs say that the Biden E.O. trumps Gov. Abbott's ban on vax mandates. They're saying today that they are going to defy Abbott. Also, Kelly is intimating that SW's exemptions policy will be generous.

Finally, you are confusing libertarianism with fascism. (I'm a fan of neither.)
mcut 1
^^^TYPO FIX: "that *you* refer" (not "your")
this site is NOT supposed to be for promoting political issues,ideas or people,nor pushing falsehoods and misinformation..could we please stick to that..
JJ Johnson -3

That's all you need to know. We haven't seen anything yet. And yes I know Democrat Marxists trolls prowl this site but we see you. We know who you are.
John D 4
State your sources
JJ Johnson -3
FAA workers and union folks. I know some of both. The spin the FAA produced about JAX ATC is just that spin and lies. The union folks I know at Southwest validated it. This is just a test run. The big one is coming and a complete shut down of the ATC system. Unless the mandate is lifted. A record number of folks quit their jobs in August. A complete economic crash and rebellion against the Biden hypocrisy and lies is coming. Hold on to your hats. Or live in denial take your pick.
John D 2
Those aren’t sources, it’s gossip.
Even if what you claim has any accuracy, expect mass firings on the scale of Reagan firing air traffic controllers.
Brian James 2
there is no mandate from the government. The mandate is from Southwest. The OSHA mandate hasn't been implemented yet.

Nobody has to fly Southwest. There are plenty of other airlines that are practicing keeping their passengers safe.


A Democrat Marxist


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