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Ameristar's new livery

Ameristar DC-9-15F, N785TW departing from Willow Run, YIP runway 23R wearing its newly painted livery. 7-27-21 ( Altro...

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Good looking bird. Glad to see DC-9’s still flying & earning their keep
Yeas, good to see the old aluminum still in the air, but there was someone who had a DC-9 that operated out of the local airport here, and I could hear it with music playing, and it rattled the windows occasionally, and I'm miles away from that airport. I think they upgraded to a quieter plane. The noise was crazy. I much preferred the C-130 that operated cargo 2 days a week. At least it was a great view. (I think it was a heavy haul contract that ended. It was such a great sight to see that flying around. Growing up on an Army base, I could tell what it was before seeing it. That and a Huey that few around here for a while) Memories...
I have been on 785TW a couple of times unloading cargo before. I even got the chance to marshall the baby 9, which was a real treat. I am happy to see it got repainted. Truth be told, it was looking pretty sad the last time I saw it.


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