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Alaska Airlines will exit the nation’s most premier route, shift NYC strategy

Alaska Airlines is throwing in the towel on one of the most hotly contested domestic routes. Over the weekend, the Seattle-based carrier removed flights between New York-JFK and Los Angeles (LAX) from Oct. 7 and onwards, per Cirium schedules and first flagged by Cranky Flier. ( Altro...

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Robert Cowling 1
Weird. For some reason, I've always been on the flights between LGA and LAX. I don't think I've ever flown out of JFk since I was probably 6 years old. It's just the way the ticketing and times have played out.
Scott Campbell 1
United is back. LAX-JFK with 46 seat biz class 767's ...yep not much competition for that
Mike Boote -1
Alaska offered a woefully inferior product on the route. Their downgrade on the product offered by Virgin America finally bit them. How long before they end JFK - SFO? Frankly, I have always found Alaska's first class product to be lacking, no matter the market.


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