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American Airlines resumes in-flight drink service to main cabin, extends booze ban

The airline on Tuesday resumed its complimentary refreshments, including canned drinks, juice, water and coffee. However, its alcoholic beverage options are still on ice. ( Altro...

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sparkie624 3
Why do they need Alcohol onboard to begin with... Can't people fly a couple hours Sober...
Thank you, Sparkie. It seems we have reached the point where we can't eat, fly, fish, etc. without an alcoholic drink. A recent study said any amount of alcohol is detrimental to our brains. And for many people,it produces actions hazardous to both their safety and the safety of those around them. Passengers are already a little uptight about being in a situation where their lives are in someone else's hands with no way to help themselves. Why make things tougher? The only reason I can see is the money airlines make and it can't be enough to justify the potential problems.


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