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New U.S. Start-Up Avelo Airlines to Begin Service Offering $19 Fares

New U.S. budget carrier Avelo Airlines has announced its launch date, including initial routes and its onboard services. The carrier will launch flights on April 28 out of its Burbank, Calif. base to 11 cities on the West Coast. Avelo’s business model is focused on connecting underserved markets that lack nonstop connections. The first routes feature city pairs that currently require connecting services. Avelo bets its cheap, nonstop services will attract passengers away from other major… ( Altro...

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I wish them the best of luck, and hope they don't become another Skybus.
Breeze Airlines also starting up:
Just don't be like Valujet that's all I can ask. For those curious, look up Valujet flight 592.
ValuJet was just the reemergence of Air Florida, also with a bad safety record (See Flight 90).
except for salaries, boeing 737 have similar operating hourly costs, and $19 fares are silly from the get-go. For this happy bunch to succeed, and not become the latest version of Allegient or Spirit, except these folks have a little more seating room apparently, they must offer reliable on-time service- tough to do with such a small fleet starting up. It matters little the happy talk, the fashions for the stews, even the quality of the food or even the price of drinks and beer- enough on-time frequencies to cover delays and cancellations have to be present at the onset of service. Southwest began with a triangle and three 737's. And a good idea on pricing, with a similar environment this airline is entering. High fares, crummy service, entitled cabin crew,- you name it. Just do it right, lose the attitudes, and find a niche culture, and then spread to Kansas City pretty quick... I will pay for tickets on a better alternative company. show me show us all...
my goodness patrick are already "dissing" a carrier that has not yet begun service..your comparison to wn as a "startup" carrier is not logical, nor really comparable, because that was in the 1970's,with a totally different economy,tpe of person flying and service offered,and they have "morphed" through the years from the little regional to a mega company with all of the problems the others have..the routes this "newbie"company will be flying are not ones that would require a lot of "inflight service" because they are short hauls,and as far a "fashion for the stews",that ship sailed a long time ago and even the major carriers only redo existing uniforms about every 10 years or assured cabin crews prefer easy to wash and wear and move in outfits, and NOT pantsuits from paris!the airlines long ago began a transition from "personal" service and "percs",to a basic get on and off quickly,get to the gate on time and leave on time cattle car,because the type of person travelling is different as are their attitudes..


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