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Airlines test 'digital passports' for coronavirus vaccination status

International airline companies have launched test runs of a new app that holds passenger records of negative test results and vaccination status in an effort to simplify pandemic travel requirements. The International Air Transport Association, whose members include American Airlines and Emirates, developed the Travel Pass to simplify the procedure that international arrivals to the United States must follow. “If we can move 70% of the customers away from checking agents, the checking agents… ( Altro...

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Jim Quinn 6
I've been suspecting this sort of thing since the plan-demic started. No vaccination, no flight. No vaccination, no anything. 1984, though late, is finally here.
dnorthern 2
“It’s for your own safety” is one of the most dangerous phrases to be uttered.
emkostiuk 5
“With the strictest data privacy regulations, IATA Travel Pass"

Just a few headlines from 2020

1. SITA data breach affects millions of travlers
2. NITDA slams N5m find on electronic data breach
3. 40 million patients records breached in 2020
dnorthern 3
And let’s not forget CV testing and vaccination status is protected health info. Yeah, I know, so is other vaccination statuses that may be required for travel.

But, here is the thing
1) vaccination requirements in most instances are very much isolated and limited. (Eg you need not provide proof of yellow fever vac for travel to non affected areas)
2) CV is viewed as a “mark” to discriminate. You don’t get vaccinated, welllll, you don’t get to take part in society. (Due to ill found fear)
3) this is the first step in social reputation. You haven’t been vaccinated? No loan for you! (See China)

dnorthern 4
Perhaps these airlines shall take a financial hit. Stupid idea.
I just see this as more chum in the water for hackers. This could be the next big expensive turd dropped by the airline industry. I wouldn't tend to trust anything the airlines come up with. They were the ones that said they had plans for dealing with a pandemic, and didn't need international, or individual country regulations and restrictions. 'Trust us, we can handle this'. Well, no, they sure mishandled the mess in 2020.

Trust us with your medical records, and making sure only vaccinated people can travel? I'd really rather not. Once bitten...
aurodoc 1
This really isn't an airline issue. They could give a crap about who gets on the plane that is a paying customer. It is the country they are flying to that may have a passenger vaccination requirement and potentially they could refuse entry. It actually could have been done easily if the WHO or UN had though about this earlier and come up with a world standard for vaccination proof but they are incapable of thinking that far ahead.


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