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Saudia Eyes 70-Jet Acquisition Including Boeing 777s, 787s and Airbus A321s

Saudia is in talks with local banks to raise 11.5 billion riyals ($3.07 billion) to partly finance an order for Airbus A321 narrow-bodied jets and Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner wide-bodies, Maaal said. ( Altro...

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Glad to see the industry rebounding! All good aircraft choices!
pilotjag 2
Another great article...
With the tens of thousands of aircraft in long term storage, you'd think there would be plenty of opportunity to refresh their fleet with " stock in hand" at shall I say it: Fire sale prices ?
Larry Toler -6
The guy making that decision was probably thinking I'll hook up with Boeing except for the MAX. I'll go with Airbus on the shorter range flights.
The "Decision Makers" were probably going for fleet commonality!


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