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Final Bombardier CRJ Comes off Production Line

The final Bombardier CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) to be produced, a CRJ-900, finished production and was delivered to SkyWest Airlines (OO). ( Altro...

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This aircraft would always remain a favorite in the Regional Airline Business
All good things come to an end! I made myself a carreer working on the CRJ Program, from the 50 seat CRJ100 in 1990 beginning flight tests, to my retirement in 2019. A total of 2,027 CRJ of all types where delivered, almost 100 as Challenger's 850 SE (same type as the CRJ100/200). Got a Type Rating in all of them as factory pilot, but the CRJ900 was the most efficient aircraft of the bunch. They are tough, reliable workhorses that should serve many years to come unless demand declines. There are no cheaper direct operating cost 50 seat jets out there!
Moment of silence, please, for these planes
I fly on one as a passenger at least weekly. They are one of my all-time favorites.
before any notions of creature comforts and fuel economy, this thing was state of the art. With its stretched out body, it was even more of an idea.
bbabis 5
Another one of Bill Lear's ideas and designs comes to an end. An off-shoot, the Global Express is left to carry on. I still have my 8-track though!
Is this anyone’s favorite airplane?
I was talking with a CRJ pilot when I was working my EMB145. We were making fun of each other's planes. Imo though the ERJ is more comfortable. The CRJ700 was pretty cool though.
m f 1
The 145 was definitely better than the 200 from both a pilot and passenger perspective. 700/900 were big improvements for the pax.
D Chambers 1
In a 2x2 second-class seat, it was much like a Hanoi prisoner of war compound. But in 1x2 first-class, ah, now that's luxury. Quiet, and seems to climb out like no other. Hmmm, I must be getting old -- hadn't heard that these were going away.
The answer may have high correlation with one's preference for driving manual or automatic transmission cars ;-)
I actually prefer manual. That's how I learned to drive. Used to a manual transmission was an option. Back to flying though, the pilot did prefer the electronic suite the CRJ had as opposed to EMBRAER. I was just a flight attendant/arm chair pilot so I really had no dog in that fight. Fun times though.
sr22pilot1 1
Solid plane to fly, will always be my favorite to take around the Expressway Visual into LGA.
Ed Crist -1
Some operators only use a 2x2 sitting arrangement. No first class. From my perspective the CRJ ranks down there next to the Q400 for lousy passenger comfort.


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