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West Atlantic Boeing 737 Suffers Hard Landing at Exeter

Yesterday a West Atlantic Boeing 737 suffered a hard landing incident at Exeter Airport, UK. The 26 years-old 737-400 freighter, with registration G-JMCY and having just performed flight NPT-05L from the East Midlands, UK, suffered a very hard landing at Exeter airport, UK. The below images show that the aircraft sustained major damage, however the 2 crew on board were not injured. ( Altro...

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ADXbear 4
Hard landing?? More like a controlled crash, what they do, drop it in from 100feet.. will be interesting to find out what's said.
Any landing you can walk away from is a good one?
Any landing you can reuse the plane, is a great one ! ! !
Neil Munro 2
There but for the grace of God..........
geroldn 2
There are plenty of replacements in storage around the world. This one is going to be parted out.
Bob Kamman 1
Broken at Exeter = Brexeter?
stick a fork in that one....ouch.
looks "well done", not medium rare.....
Not sure if that will buff out.....


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