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Alaska Airlines Boosts 737 MAX Orders and Options to 120 Jets

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Alaska Airlines announced that the carrier is buying 23 more 737-9 airplanes, building on its original order and an agreement last month to acquire new 737-9s through lease. The new deal brings Alaska Airlines' total 737 MAX orders and options to 120 airplanes, which will give the fifth largest U.S. carrier the scale, efficiency and flexibility to expand as air travel recovers. ( Altro...

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Tom Bruce 3
will be selling off their airbus fleet? makes sense to have just one SW
Will other carriers increase their orders for the future is the true question. Good on Alaska Airlines to show that they have faith in the aircraft.
This will NOT hurt my Boeing stock. I hope that more carriers will see the advantages of the Max80 and make the move away from Airbus. I'm also encouraged by the F15EX deals.
sparkie624 2
Good move my them... Boeing probably rewarded them with a good deal

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Jack Howard 11
I am not excusing mistakes made by Boeing in the 737MAX program. At the same time, making airplanes is not simple. Air France 447 was lost because Airbus didn't consider the input of the GPS when two pitot tubes were blocked. GPS reported airspeed accurately. However this blew up the poorly spec'd FMS computer and required a reboot. The computer took over 4 minutes to reboot, which was too slow to enable them to recover in, the scenario was never trained for, and 228 people lost their lives.

Had the software allowed for if two pitot tubes reading zero, check GPS, then report GPS everyone would be alive today.

Did you forget about this?
Yeah, he forgot about a lot of things.

Airplanes do not murder people. Like guns, It all depends on who's in control. In the case of the Max, The stab trim switch was the trigger.
sparkie624 2
I disagree Sort OF.... I believe that the Trigger was the Failed AOA Vane of which they did not have redundancy. If they had had 2, Neither crash would have happened. Instead, it would have been a message on display stating the failure. Follow QRM, no problem.
"If they had had 2, Neither crash would have happened"

XL Airways flight 888T begs to differ.
Poor strategy...I & many others who aren't convinced that Boeing & the FAA didn't collude to the disastrous fatal consequences to many. That no implicated Boeing decisionmaker is in prison is a travesty. I & many others will go out of our way to never fly on the MAX deathtrap...nothing has changed and if nothing changes; NOTHING CHANGES!
The fact that you're willing to fly on other airplanes (Boeing or otherwise) that are a product of the same system tells me you haven't thought it through.


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