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Military Transport Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Clipping Fighter Jet Midair

THERMAL (CBSLA) — A military transport plane made an emergency landing Tuesday in Thermal after clipping a fighter jet midair. (CBSLA) According to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, it was reported at about 4 p.m. that an F-35B made contact with a KC-130J during an air-to-air refueling evolution, resulting in the crash of the fighter jet in Imperial County. ( More...

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F A 14
Listening to ATC it sounds like the F-35 hit the right wing and disabled the #3 & #4 engines. Leaking fuel and with a potential fire, the -130 crew did a great job with a wounded beast.
Torsten Hoff 10
I saw one news report that said both crew members of the F-35B ejected safely. They don’t seem to be aware that it’s a single-seater.
F A 14
Maybe the press thinks “Martin Baker” is a person?
Torsten Hoff 2
mbrews 2
- Good one. the F-35 pilot gets the customary Martin Baker tie
franklinokolo 1
Lol! Good one!
nigel mahood 3
This happened to be a check ride for the fighter pilot, both were sharing one seat.
F A 7
Reports seem to indicate that everyone is OK. That is a blessing, it could easily have been a disaster.
craigbell1941 2
There goes a Zillion tax payer dollars and someone's career into the toilet. Navy will need a scapegoat.
Dan Douglas -2
They'll blame Trump.
John Scruggs -3
Who will then blame Obama.
John Yarno 2
I have ridden in one a couple of times, but don't know jack about them. I don't know if you can open the side doors in flight, but someone below said you drop the cargo ramp and run out the back. Sounds good to me. So my question is how did it land. Was it on an automatic landing system of some sort? Looks like it came in with minimal damage, but looks can sometimes be deceiving.
Harry Jones 2
PIC landed it - no other way.
jbermo 2
Would be interesting to know/learn the career fate of the one who induced the accident (if at fault).
James Simms 5
Could have been turbulence induced, who knows until the official investigation is over w/.
WhiteKnight77 3
I saw video that shows all the blades on props for engines 3 & 4 completely gone from the hub and engine 1 missing 2 blades as well. Good job on the Sky Pig's crew for getting it down in "one" piece with no deaths. From the looks of things they landed easily as there isn't a long deep trench behind it.

I would bet that Lockheed can fix it good as new depending on damage to the belly and gear doors.

My biggest gripe is the talking head stating 2 jets. While a Sky Pig has jet engines, it isn't a jet. ;)
John Lussier 1
Well if you want to correct the talking heads, the C-130 has turbine engines not jet engines.
Mike Petro 4
Actually, their are four basic types of aircraft engines that could be described as turbine engines because they are powered by gas turbines: Turbojet, Turbofan, Turboprop, and Turboshaft engines.
WhiteKnight77 3
As I was a jet engine mechanic in the Marines and as Mike Petro pointed out, there are 4 types of turbine engines. They all produce power in different ways. I repaired T-58-GE-16s while in the engine shop stationed on Okinawa, and once back stateside, I lateraled to the flight line and removed and installed them, as well as other repairs, when I wasn't flying that is (though I tried to fly as much as possible).
Mike Lynn 3
Some great airmanship landing the 130. I'm betting they didn't have time to dump the fuel they were hauling and they did the landing belly up with both right engines disabled. Good work guys!
James Simms 3
Tanker aircraft was a Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352 (VMGR-352) ‘Raiders’ KC-130T aircraft out of Miramar.
I agree with H Jones, how do you eject from a C-130? Just wish that when reporters cover a story that they would have a basic understanding of the subject they were reporting on!!!!!
Stephen King 1
I’m wondering how a reporter is going to have an understanding of all the subjects he or she is assigned to report. Used to be editors, fact checkers, had reporters back. Nowadays not so much. You ask questions, make your best judgement that you’re getting knowledgeable answers, try to find at least two people who tell the same story, and do your best.
WhiteKnight77 1
Google is just a few clicks away and can easily be asked if crew can eject from such an aircraft.
Reporters generally don't know much of what they are reporting about. They only know to report but do not have subject matter expertise in much of what they do. That's the problem.
A profession where someone is up to their neck in information, yet manages to absorb little or none...

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Verne Gordon 1
Good explanation. I hope folks have the patience to wait for the investigation report. Glad no one was injured or killed.
bbabis 2
Glad all are OK. Wow! F-35B and KC-130J written off. Big whoops!
airuphere 2
Wow. $$$$$$$
john doe 0
Sh!t happens.
Robert Seery 1
To "eject" from a KC-130, you lower the tail cargo ramp, check that your chute is ready, run off the ramp, and pull the ripcord.
MrTommy 1
Wait. The tanker crew all safely ejected and landed nearby with parachutes? How did the tanker land so well with no one onboard?
Harry Jones 1
the tanker crew did not/cannot eject
MrTommy 1
I was just quoting the article, which obviously made NO sense.
nigel mahood 1
I heard they shaved a Gorilla
I am a paratrooper. Side doors and tailgate open in flight. Except for SOF all or jumps are ripcord. AF emergency chutes are activated manually with a ripcord (that thingy in front that looks like a handle). While I wouldn’t expect a reporter to know this I would exit them to do a simple check. Google even has pictures.
WhiteKnight77 2
Do you not mean static line jumps? This was also a Marine C-130 not AF. There is a huge fuel tank in the cargo space.
Yes I know what a static line is. The way the statement was phrased I felt static line would mean my knowledge no military aircraft is equipped with the Cirrus system. You know......with all the speculation we should follow our our own advice and taken a 5 minute stroll down the Google lane. Everything asked is answered.
Harry Jones 1
How does one "eject" from a 130? No 130 I ever flew/saw had ejection seats. Additionally if the truck crew bailed out, they could do that, who landed it?
franklinokolo 2
Thinking the same thing. The reporter probably thought "George" did! Or maybe he thought after the crew bailed out, the KC-130 self-deployed parachutes (a la Cirrus) and gently let itself down on the road. SMH.
The Martin-Baker Drill Sergeant's Boot for the Army guys...
Talk about weird; I'd recently commented on VMGR-352 "QB" TRANSPACS back in the '70s, out of MCAS El Toro, when I crewed on the R's. On one of those return gaggles to El Toro in the "command" 130, halfway btwn Hickam (we parked there, the A-4's at MCAS Kaneohe Bay), we almost/almost had a midair. Orbiting and waiting for the fast-movers to arrive, another 130 got out of place. Talk about close - my entire view from the starboard waist window was obscured by the other 130; with the UNITED STATES MARINES livery (port side) gliding by at an upward 30° angle - our wings overlapping. Needless to say, one of the PIC's went buh-bye.

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Colin Carroll 22
Do yourself a favor and listen to the ATC recording that is online. They were working a block altitude in the Kane West MOA. ATC services were not being used, and further more. You and I were not in the flight deck of either aircraft, so who are we to judge their actions?? Wait for the official accident report, then feel free to cast your judgement
James Driskell 13
I totally agree with your comments. there are too many wantabe experts on this forum.
James Simms 8
He likes to hear himself for his own self gratification, flap his gums.
mbrews 2
Well put, Colin. Thanks for the extra details
airuphere 6
Who ever said it was no big deal? Just cause the press says all was ok dododo... doesn’t mean the people involved and the operators have the same lassé fair attitude.


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