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Cargolux Reveals Special Mask Livery On A Boeing 747

Cargolux Airlines has today revealed a Boeing 747 with a new coating. The special livery has a mask on the nose of the aircraft where the cargo loading door is with the straps leading back to the airline’s name painted across the fuselage. It is quite an iconic livery that accurately sums up the times. ( Altro...

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Nice touch; ahead of the game.
But might be more relevant to a passenger airline...
But plenty of cargo airlines have supplied countries with much needed medical supplies the past 6 months. Therefore, it is very appropriate, regardless.
Good thinking...
I thought all aircraft always carried out social distancing?
I was just joking!!
Minimum 4nm on approach and usually 10 in the cruise on the same routing/airway.....
And I wasn’t! Those are well known facts. For pilots and ATC....
Ofcourse they do :) now they are displaying it as well!
I guess the intent matters here given that the Airline industry taking a huge hit due to this pandemic. This creates a sense of solidarity.


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