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The Emirates Airbus A380 is back !

Emirates announced that it will slowly restart A380 operations. It currently owns a staggering 115 Airbus A380 passenger aircraft. ( Altro...

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عند وصولك مصر واحتجت ليموزين اتصل او اكتب لنا من الموقع
Phill Roddick 0
The A380, One option available to still move large number of PAX. However much like cruise lines the high volume loadings of the past may well be reduced to meet Customer expectations regarding acceptable separation. Is this an indicator that packed in like sardines may finally have exited the world of flying.
Victor Richardson 1
Nice thought..
John Trott 0
If you could afford it, you could always avoid being sardined.
I suspect the same still applies and you will not get salmon space at sardine price. :-)


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