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First Airbus airliner lands on St Helena

UK charter airline Titan Airways has become the first operator to land an Airbus airliner on the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic, following the arrival on 20 April of an A318. ( Altro...

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I wonder if they had to carry sufficient fuel for the return flight (to Accra?) or if there is fuel available on St Helena
I found this in the Wikipedia entry of this airport:

Aerodrome characteristics, equipment and facilities

The airport has been built on Prosperous Bay Plain, on the east side of Saint Helena, entailing a concrete runway length of 1,950 metres (6,398 ft) with taxiway and apron, an approximately 8-million-cubic-metre (280-million-cubic-foot) rockfill embankment through which a 750-metre (2,460 ft) long reinforced concrete culvert was proposed but contractor Basil Read got approval to use an open channel instead. This was approved by the St Helena Government, together with an airport terminal building of 3,500 square metres (38,000 sq ft) and support infrastructure, air traffic control and safety, bulk fuel installation for six million litres (1.3 million imperial gallons; 1.6 million US gallons) of diesel and aviation fuel, a 14-kilometre (9 mi) airport access road from Rupert's Bay to the airport, and all related logistics. The airport has a LDA (landing distance available) of 1,535 metres (5,036 ft) for the northbound runway direction (02) and 1,550 metres (5,085 ft) for the wind shear-affected southbound runway direction (20).
Thanks. This must have been incredibly expensive to build! 28million m3 of rock. Also an Air Traffic facility for maybe one or two scheduled flights a week? Anybody heard of CTAF?
Viv Pike 1
That would be 28 million ft3 - not cubic meters
Plenty of fuel there. It's a midway distribution point to the Falklands
Chris B 1
Now thats odd.

Plug the registration into our host and you get a different flight schedule to the one reported by Flightglobal...

Answer please by the time I land....
Viv Pike 1
Not really ... look carefully. It went to St Helena via Accra Ghana and the Ascension Islands on 20 April. In the track log on FA, 19 April it was in Ghana, and on 21 April it was in Ghana. There is no info for 20 April - during which time it went from Ghana, Ascension Islands, St Helena, and back to Ghana via Ascension. It seems that FA simply didn't pick up those legs, probably not in the coverage area.
Here is a video of the first Airbus landing:


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