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Airlines could completely shut down flights in the US as the coronavirus rages on

US airlines are preparing plans to essentially shut down, virtually ending all passenger flights within the US, The Wall Street Journal reported. At the same time, government agencies are considering a shutdown order, as the nation's air-traffic control system is increasingly impacted by the virus. ( Altro...

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this is a far different situation than the united states has faced before..that virus has caused chaos ,havoc and death on a worldwide stage, in a time when people have become complacent to such things or said "it cant happen here"...of course people are afraid to fly..that puts you into a metal tube,shoulder to shoulder with lots of others you dont know,as well as the fact commercial aircraft are not as sanitary and clean as people would think..this is a blow to the airline industry in addition to the 737max issues..they are getting help with the bill passed yesterday by the senate and congress,so let us hope and trust the caveat regarding buybacks and ceo pay means something..this is not a situation for jokes,sarcasm nor stupidity..people of all ages,races.ethnicities and whatever are being affected seriously,so yes,we are all in this together and bad times either bring out the worst (everyone for themselves)in people, or the best such as doctors,nurses,first responders and neighbors.....
If it was taken any more serious, there would be a complete shutdown of all mass transit to include the US Air Carriers, Buses, Trains, anything that requires people to get inside a tube ...........
But how can that be? Someone of Fox News said that we can't hold the economy and investor hostage because people are dying. We need to fly more, fly more now. Give everyone a book of airline tickets to fly across the country multiple times. It's just other people that will be sick, and infect other people, and other people that will die. We have to save the 'economy', save the profits for the investor class, and all ;take it on the chin' as our friends and neighbors #dieforthedow.

'We are all in this together' has turned to 'everyone for themselves', and 'the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease'. Ask people on chemotherapy if their treatment is worth it. Chemotherapy is literally poisoning your body to save it. At what cost is human lives.

A local hospital announced they are out of ventilators, and have no masks. So let's throw more human bodies at this virus and further overwhelm this system that is already crashing under the weight of the sick.
Robert, I appreciate the sarcasm and the good laugh! I also couldn't agree more!

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cowboybob -6
stop with the insane headlines please. "Rages on" is not what is going's only raging on in the press and in government cabals. This has turned into another "global warming/climate change/global cooling/all-weather-is-changing-because-of-this-and-that" frenzy/hoax...which turns out was no crisis at all.
bbabis 2
It seems we are the few sane ones CB. Most are just feeding on the media frenzy who have jumped on the chance to hurt the administration. As they say, "never let a crisis perceived or real go unused." Few see the facts that only .000188% of the US population and .000060% of the World population have this bug. Further, more than 90% of those affected recover completely in a short time. The Flu has been, is, and will continue to be much worse.
Do you have any idea what an exponential curve does? Do you know the number of cases in the USA doubles every three days? Do you know the the number of deaths follows the curve of infections with a lag time of about two weeks? Do you know that hospitals in New York City are already being overwhelmed with incoming cases? Do you know once hospitals are overwhelmed the number of people actually passing away skyrocketed? Do you know that hospitals are already putting up reefer vans as temporary morgue?
bbabis -1
A few days ago I would have said that it would be insane and never happen. Now, with insanity over getting sick growing, all bets are off.


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