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Interjet Falls Out Of Love With The Superjet

The Russian-made jet has started to cost the carrier a fair bit and, as a result, the carrier is now looking to move on. ( Altro...

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Arturo Caldera 3
ramp agent who currently works on Interjet SSJs here. any news of a replacement is good news. Every other day it seems we are delayed cause of engine problems. Just last week we had to keep it overnight. The bins are small, out of date, and in major disrepair. Interjet should cut its losses and buy a newer airliner for its regional routes. Would love to work on A220s over this russian disaster.
J.J. Lasne 1
The A220 is an excellent Canadian aircraft presently being manufactured in Alabama.
rapidwolve 3's primary manufacture site is Mirabel (Montreal) Quebec. The Alabama site is a second assembly point.
Robert Cowling 1
Hopefully they can dump the Superjet.
J.J. Lasne -3
Russian piece of crap. It crashed twice already. But then, so did the B737-Max.


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