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Man Dresses Up As Lufthansa Pilot To Escape Long Airport Queues

With all the CCTV, sophisticated IDs, and online media around these days, channelling Frank Abagnale is a tough ask in 2019. But a gentleman from Delhi gave it a red hot go earlier this week when he slipped on a pilot’s uniform and fast-tracked himself through Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It turns out it wasn’t the first time he’d done this. Alas, this time he was pinched at the departure gate. Rajan Mahbubani (48) of Vasant Kunj in Delhi, India, was wearing a Lufthansa pilot’s… ( Altro...

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scott8733 8
I'll bet he's going to get a further probe from Delhi police.
Even Frank Abagnale would be caught today.
"Oh I thought it was Halloween in Delhi"
mariofer 3
He watched Catch me if you can and said, why not?
Tommy Boy 2
It's not so much what they do, it's what they APPEAR to do.

They're given an impossible job, not enough staff, not enough training, and they fail far too often. But, to the passengers, everything appears to be secure, so we feel safe.
My hero!
Looks more like a new member of the Village People than a Lufthansa pilot.
You're so right !

Regards, Jens
Remembering when us milair deadheads got front of queue, and crew or diplomat customs booth (on int'l), sportin' swagger, wings and flight suits. Sun glasses, optional. ;-)
except for the white shirt (summer) and the darkblue pants, there is absolutely no similarity to a Lufthansa uniform.
Jim Ward 1
Maybe he was a test pilot.
Jim DeTour 0
Put him in a confiscated plane then bail out over the jungle and see how much of a pilot he is.

[This comment was deleted.]

Kobe Hunte 3
Wow that's aggressive.
AWAAlum 3
I've just read some other posts by this R. Fox ... he's absolutely nothing on the positive side to say. My sympathies Richard. Cheer up.
Richard Fox -2
+AWAAlum you look shocking. Nice wrinkles.
Kobe Hunte 2
I'd rather have wrinkles than be an old hermit posting negative comments in every post like you...
Richard Fox -1
Kobe is 15
Kobe Hunte 1
AWAAlum 1
You've proven my point. Good job.


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