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VIDEO: Runaway airport cart spirals out of control and nearly hits airplane

A driver did not appear to be behind the wheel as the video footage was taken. The cart nearly crashed into the nose of an airplane parked nearby before a vehicle being driven by an airport employee collided with the runway cart, bringing it to a stop. ( More...

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Lee Wiedmeyer 6
It seems to me the cart should have a safety switch in the seat. If nobody is in the seat the cart will not operate. I have that in my riding lawnmower and I am nowhere near multi-million dollar aircraft. Cheap fix to prevent that from EVER happening again.
Dale Ballok 2
When has that EVER happened before? Oh ya , never!
Zak cook 5
they have angered the machine
ToddBaldwin3 10
Good job tackling the cart with another vehicle. Someone may be looking for a new job soon.
John D 13
I'd expect the airline that owns that plane would be thankful for this guy stepping up and thinking outside the box. Probably saved some people from injury too.
David Isaacs 17
I think the guy who saved the plane deserves recognition and reward. While others seemed helpless, he did a great job.

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Falconus 10
That seems like a very effective way to get run over, crushed, tossed, or some combination thereof.
Dale Ballok 2
Easy for you to say after the fact!
If you look at the video, it would be impossible to do as you say, due to the fact that there were two cabinet doors that flew open and anyone getting near would get struck by either one! Also, the cart was not making concentric circles which made approaching it very dangerous. I understand your logic, but not applicable here.
You'd have to be one cool dude to casually try and do what you described.
padrooga23 1
More of an ellipse. There was wobble so the center kept changing, as you can tell since the circle widened and changed.
padrooga23 0
She did a great job!
David Isaacs 1
I could not see a clear enough view to know whether it was a he or a she. I have even magnified it but it becomes pixelated. In the new English "They did a great job". And I don't think I would have wanted to try to jump on the way it was swaying.
John Smith 1
Rpalmqui 3
I take special note of how AA says that no AA employees were injured, but what about the ramp employee that clearly got injured and was dragged to safety by a colleague. Kudos to the Ramp Instructor's quick thinking with the Lektra AND kudos to the person who rescued their co-worker.
darjr26 3
Looks like Uber has not quite perfected the autonomous beverage cart!
As being directly connected to this event, I can tell you that a Ramp Instructor utilized the Lextro Pushout to stop the threat. We teach out employees not to endanger themselves and not be hero's. Metal can be replaced; employees cannot. The Ramp Instructor was recognized at a system wide level and an investigation has been started to determine direct cause or causes and establish procedure to prevent reoccurance
Thanks for the update Antonello! "Metal can be replaced; employees cannot." Truer words have never been spoken!
Lee Wiedmeyer 1
A worthy investigation and study
SorenTwin 1
Ken Riehl 2
It’s a golf cart, when parking anywhere near an aircraft, power switch off, direction selector in neutral, hill brake set and this could NEVER happen.
joel wiley 1
Driver didn't work the checklist....
dardav 1
twitter says that was a "He". He stepped in with prejudice.
and can you imagine the look of the FO of the respective aircraft watching the event play out? Priceless.
Geoff Arkley 1
"We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle," the airline added in its statement.
Given the $$$ of a collision with an aircraft (any aircraft) I'm thinking this guy should get a four figure bonus.
joel wiley 1
Will probably get a certificate of appreciation as a cover letter for his layoff notice for not following unwritten intervention procedures. . .
My buddy who still flies for American said they were told a water bottle fell and wedged on the accelerator.
It was an American airlines or Envoy jet so I'm sure American Air won't recognize the employee saving the aircraft


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