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India to Follow Europe’s Lead in Making Own Call on 737 Max

Now India, too, wants to make its own checks on the Boeing 737 Max before allowing the plane to fly in the country again, after European regulators this week said they would make their own call. India plans to start its own assessment only after the FAA, the certifying authority of U.S.-made jets, declares the aircraft fit to fly, the person said, asking not to be identified discussing a private matter. The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation doesn’t expect Boeing’s best-selling plane… ( Altro...

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william baker 2
Okay so im confused here. I dont rememberr the plane being recertified by the FAA but why is simpleflying say it is or have i missed something here???
airuphere 1
The link brought up a 404 maybe they deleted that.. lol as for this article India will wait until the FAA declares it ready to fly.. but the tone sounds like it’s stamped already.. hardly
linbb -4
Since they do such a good job maintain there AC why would they bother as along with there quality of crews it means nothing.
Kobe Hunte 7
I think you meant "their" AC and "their" quality of crews.


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