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Aviation chiefs concerned about widening split between US and Europe over Boeing 737 Max

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency said that what Boeing has presented so far did not fully address their concerns ( Altro...

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It isn't just EASA that is refusing to accept the FAA determination. Add in Canada, Brazil, India, China and the list goes on. The fiasco resulting from the FAA screw-up with Boeing has cost the FAA it's reputation among worldwide aviation professionals. It may take years to regain what was lost through carelessness, ineptitude and plain ignorance. Every plane built in the United States will now face increased scrutiny before it can fly internationally. That will cost the manufacturers $Billions in additional testing and paperwork, not to mention the time lost before those planes can enter into service. And heaven forbid another crash of an American built plane similar to Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.
Chris B 1
Norwegian's ownership of the Max relies on its ability to cross the Atlantic.

RIP Norwegian is definitely still on the cards.

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rapidwolve 5
If you followed along, it isn't just the EU and nothing to do with politics!
scott8733 2
I respectfully submit to you sir, that I have 22.5 trillion reasons to know our politicians aren't any different than the European ones you correctly identify.
william baker 3
Yes Boeing and the FAAʻs repitation is been torn apart due to the recent Boeing 737 Max issues not to mention the issues with quality with the 787. But over time and with many year they can earn that trust back and they will earn it back. Boeing needs to start with fully admiting that they are at fault for the issues with the 737 Max and fix the plane fully. It may not be a huge success but it will recover as the DC-10 did when it had its issues.

As far as the EU yes they have the right to test the 737-Max before it is returned to service in there skies. However they also need to start blowing smoke up Boeings but and the FAAʻs and start looking at Airbus espically the A320NEO, A321NEO aircraft and fix that flaws in that plane. They are also having AOA sensor issues causing the planes to pitch up and sooner or later one or those aircraft will go down and they will say then didnt know of the issues just like Boeing did in the start of there mess. They also need to fix the engine issues from Pratt and whitney because thats issue is still going on and its been what like 4 years and there engines are still failing really frequently.

Safety is key here and we need to make the Airline industry safer then it is today and to do that is to look at out Aircraft and pretty much destory then in testing to find the flaws and fix them before they get into the air with passangers on them and risk their lives. Lets get our crap together and lets fix the issues before they get worse.
rapidwolve 2
Actually Airbus and EASA are aware of some of the flight issues with the NEO units. Not so much a sensor issue as it is they do have a tendency to want to slightly pitch up on climb out.
william baker 1
I know they are aware of them I was just using it as a example because to be honest the same issue happen at Boeing they didnt say squad about the issues before the crashes and then jumped the gun and said oh wait we knew about the iusues before the crashes. Our bad lol.


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