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Lion Air 'Urgently Requires' More Boeing 737 MAX Jets to Support Growth: Co-Founder

Indonesia’s Lion Air “urgently requires” more Boeing Co (BA.N) 737 MAX jets to support its growth strategy once regulators approve the grounded model’s return to service, the airline’s co-founder, Rusdi Kirana, told Reuters on Wednesday. He said the low-cost airline, which had previously threatened to cancel its order for 187 jets worth $21 billion at list prices, would need to be satisfied with the outcome of negotiations with Boeing before taking the planes. ( Altro...

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william baker 2
Didnt they say were going to buy Airbus A320Neo????
siriusloon 2
They'll get the very best price ever if they buy any more MAX. Boeing desperately wants them to resume flying the MAX so they can use Lion Air as "proof" it's safe.
Robert Cowling -2
I don't know why anyone from that part of the world would want to buy 'that' plane.

I remember the DC-9 crash from Alaska Air, and they dropped the type pretty quickly due to the 'bad taste' it left in travelers minds. I wouldn't hop on a DC-9 from them after that. It was proven they screwed up the maintenance, wrote their own rules, and falsified documents.

Yet people here fly Southwest. *shrug* Stupid people doing stupid things.

Lion Air is obviously looking for the 'Great Boeing Fire Sale' as they start moving the glut of stored planes out of parking lots and fields. I wouldn't trust them. I wouldn't be comfortable flying in a 787 either. Sure, it's unlikely to have anything happen, but if it did, it doesn't matter how unlikely it is, in the moment. You're likely dead.


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