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Op-Ed: The 737 MAX Crisis May Boost Confidence In COMAC

Commentary: The C919 has found itself in a fascinating and bizarre position to push COMAC onto the World stage as the Boeing 737 MAX crisis unwinds. If China gets too annoyed with Boeing over the 737 MAX fiasco, they know Airbus is tapped out and they don't need much of an excuse to buy local. This is a real plane that everyone needs to take seriously, probably more so now with Boeing's stumble. ( Altro...

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william baker 2
You mean the plane that has been flying for like 3 years and still isnt done flight testing. Or the plane thats launched like 11 years ago???
Relics 1
I wouldn’t mind checking out the C919, it seems very similar to the A320.
hal pushpak 1
The last photo in this article has an aerial shot of what appear to be MAX's parked in a car-lot. Icelandair livery, among others. Where is this? Seattle?
Well this C919 looks a beauty has a flair to it . this could seriously fill the gap with back orders left from the 737 Max issue .G E ENGINES TO POWER this beast will certainly get heads turning.
airuphere 1
That’s how airbus did it with the A300.. put American engines on the first.. and flew a tour of the USA... then gave eastern airline 4 a300 to try for free.. and the rest is hostory


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