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Boeing 777X in 'full body workout' (Video)

Boeing's newest widebody jet, the 777X, created buzz among aviation enthusiasts this week as it conducted a fresh round of taxi tests at the Everett factory. The jet, which features retractable wingtips, is longer and higher than the jet maker's own iconic 747 double decker, putting on a show for Paine Field jet spotters who share photographs on social media when Boeing puts its aircraft to work. The 777X test aircraft underwent a series of ground tests, including several rounds of low… ( Altro...

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chalet 1
What a let down, firstly the writer does not know a wheelbarrow from a locomotive, the wings of this aircraft do not RETRACT, the wingtips FOLD, and the worst part: for all of the PR lollapalooza and hype, the wingspan gets a tiny reduction of 23 ft only. I can wonder the expense associated with special engineering, structural reinforcing issues etc. of these extensions versus the standard design. Yes, I know, the 777X is not a Corsair F4U of WWII but when Boeing announced the 777X "folding wings" I expected something longer.


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