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The 737 MAX Fiasco Will Cost Boeing Over $8 Billion

Between production inefficiencies, customer compensation, payments to victims' families, and regulatory penalties, Boeing will pay a big price for the 737 MAX's safety problems. ( Altro...

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patrick baker 5
is it yet time to make the board memebers, the executives and other managers walk the plank for their role in costing the company possibly over $8 billion dollars as well as the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in good will, an obscure balance sheet item, which took years to accumulate? NOne of those people is wise enough or vital enough to the future of Boeing to stay around past the end of this month, and frankly, they ought to be shown the door without parachutes of any color and pensions of any ammount
Cansojr 2
Agreed,after this fiasco how can the senior board members be kept on the payroll? The team that conceived the MAX8 should as well be given an intense employment review. If these grounded aircraft are not flying by October, monies must be returned and it is high time to consider terminating this Edesel of aircraft. What about lead parachutes? Just kidding, however this board brought shame on Boeing's long legacy of building great aircraft. To continue they need a new board not an old boys network. Thank you for reading this squawk.
siriusloon 2
Add in the cost of three (3) delivery freezes imposed by the USAF on the KC-46A Pegasus because they were all full of FOD (tools, garbage, metal shavings, etc) and the cost of the production and delivery freeze on the AH-64E Apache because some bolts could fail causing the rotorblades to fly off, which is generally considered to be Not A Good Thing on a helicopter.

Then add in the high cost over-runs for the KC-46A which still has serious tech faults and is way behind schedule, with Boeing responsible for 100% of the over-run. Then add in the U.S. Army planning to end acquisition of the CH-47F Chinook. Oh yeah, also add in the cost of Boeing's idiotic fight against Bombardier's CSeries, which resulted in Canada's immediate cancellation of an order for 18 Super Hornets and has almost certainly demolished any chance the F/A-18 will win the order for approx 80 new fighters for the RCAF.

The men and women who ran and worked for Boeing in its heyday must be feeling sick about how far this once-great company has fallen. I give it five years before it's sold for a rock-bottom price. Maybe China will buy it.
Neil Munro 1
What insurance does Boeing have for such incidence? I doubt Lloyds of London will pay out if they can prove maleficence. Ho hum


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