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No one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change that.

(CNN) - It is a truth universally acknowledged that middle seats on airplanes are the worst. ( Altro...

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We solved this problem about 15 yrs ago, when we converted several jets from comml service to private. Just removed the center seat and put in a wine cooler and snacks.
rapidwolve 2
What happens if chubby gets a window seat? That middle seat may not get the elbow treatment any longer, but rolls do follow gravity downhill.
sparkie624 1
If I get the Center seat... the ArmRests are DOWN... I don't care how fat they are... Their Problem, not mine...
rapidwolve 3
Except it's lower and like I said...the rolls follow gravity
If airlines would put up some sort of privacy screens in the boarding area's where potential passengers could be told they need to buy an additional seat, we might have better luck with this problem. No one wants to be fat shamed in front of other people, but they need to understand they just aren't going to fit in those 18" seats. A sample seat where passengers have to sit in before they board the aircraft might be very helpful.
sparkie624 4
I like that idea.... If you don't fit in the seat, you have to buy another... Fair and balanced for all... It is not fair to me for them to fill my space that I am paying for...
sparkie624 2
Good reason.. I usually get stuck between to big fat people who want the Arm Rest up... UGH.. Not when I am there... Besides that seat that they are showing looks good on paper, but it is not going to make these fat people any skinnier!
Arm rests down.....that’s your space and this is mine. If you don’t fit in your space, don’t worry about it you can always buy more space? it’s called another seat and most airlines will sell it to you for half price. No shame in being big, just buy the space you need?
Early in the history of shipping livestock by rail attempts were made to improve conditions so more of them could be walked off the cars to meet their appointments.
interesting concept! I wonder if the major airlines would put the money into it..having been stuck in a middle set on many occasions, I know how much "fun" it is especially if the person at the window is opening a newspaper, and the person in the aisle is a little larger than you!i will say however,that airplane seat designers put together a seats to fit what they consider "normal" body sizes and weight,and do not consider those who may be a little "wider"..


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