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Dutch Airline KLM Calls for People to Fly Less

Dutch airline KLM has launched a campaign asking people to fly less. The video and open letter from CEO Pieter Elbers asks: “Do you always have to meet face-to-face?” and “Could you take the train instead?” ( Altro...

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Richard Fox 5
Isn't it more efficient to fly with as many pax as possible? I recently flew on a half-full B747-4 out of Singapore... It looked like an inefficient operation to me...
Ron Adkins 5
Stunning. No words.
Mike Mohle 5
"Don't fly and put us out of business, since we are "evil polluters"." LOL. The Board should remove this guy today.
Roy Corrales 3
Mike don't worry... people in EU are right to promote that because they have an amazing train network all around, therefore reduce the footprint related to short flights in fact will benefit everybody. Muricans instead will never post anything close to that since everything is related to profit$.
Compliments to KLM... I will have a long-haul with them soon :)
Robert Cowling -2
Yeah, why doesn't America have a high speed rail system from coast to coast, and to most major cities? Capitalism baby... The 'political class' get money from favorite groups to effect what happens in this country. So if the oil companies give you 300,000, and the mass transit companies give you 100,000, who's agenda are you going to make sure happens?

It's never about what's better for the environment, or We the people, it's about who gives them the most money. Payday loans, oil, oil drilling, cars, gigantic animal farms, useless sewage treatment facilities, and even more... If it pays big money, it gets done... If we drained all of the money out of politics in this country, we'd likely have really great things, but it's easier to pay for play.
Robert Cowling -3
I live in America. Believe me, I really try hard not to fly already. I'll drive if it's only two days away. MOO!!!


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