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Navigation: Orient yourself!

GPS are reliable and never fail !!! So why should I be wary of trying to brainstorm to guide me... ( Altro...

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terry malone 3
Might be a nice article, if I spoke the language it is written it.............
Jimmy Robinson 1
Uh, unfortunately, I am fluent in reading English but not so much in Portuguese. I tried Google translate but the resulting article didn't quite sound right. It was a good article though, from as much I was able to read.
Michael Hope 1
When I am using GPS, I look at the route planned and then I plan in my head the route, so If something happens then you at least have the start of a plan to get where you want to go. Just blindly following GSP can get you in trouble. Sorry I am not a pilot, but the same should apply between a car and an aircraft.
sparkie624 1
UGH... This is an accident waiting to happen... I mean really, any worse timing for this article, when nearly all GPS/ADSB Equipped A/C GPS Systems failed due to a Hot Update.... I mean really! - If GPS's never fail... Then why do we have MEL's for the system?


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