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Celebrating 60th anniversary of “La Caravelle”

Air France is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first delivery and entry into service of the first Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle. ( Altro...

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Chris B 3
aS A teenager, I flew in a caravelle many times and once sat in the cockpit as it landed at Heathrow in the middle of a hellacious thunderstorm.......
In a tunderstorm?
Nope, do not believe that... sorry
jeff slack 1
I think most of us have defining memories of this jet................I was 4 years old and still vividly recall seeing it at Philadelphia International when Dad would take us there for dinner just to watch the planes take off and land..........
patrick baker 1
i flew on a united caravelle a few times, noting that the caravelle was different from the boeing 720's and very comfortable. The design was pretty to look at, the seats were comfortable, and the experience was exotic . Nice airplane, good for a time in airliner history.
Replacing the convairs 440 metropolitan in the 60ties at sabena...
Reduced the traveltime by 50%.
Loved the triangleshaped windows
Flew so many times to granny in Geneva from Brussels
Andrew Epstein 1
I think as a youngster I flew on one from Chicago to Pittsburgh on United. I seem to remember it was a first class only flight. Is that possible or a dream ?


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