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WestJet pilot's eyes burned by laser on flight from Newfoundland to Florida

A WestJet pilot flying from Newfoundland to Orlando International Airport had his eyes burned by a green laser light, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration officials said Wednesday. Spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said in an email that the WestJet Airlines aircraft was about 40 kilometres from the airport when the laser light hit the pilot. The flight landed safely a short time later, and the pilot was placed on medical leave, which is routine in such cases. ( Altro...

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Cansojr 2
There has to be some sort of regulation on lasers based on the permanent eyesight loss. The problem is whose bureaucratic territory this falls under. Most of the lasers are assembled and modified at home. You can buy all the components on line. The penalties must be rigorous to cause these knuckleheads to stop doing this. Do these morons know they are threatening the lives on the aircraft they are targeting. I think 25 to life would be reasonable punishment for the most serious offenders. Incidentally a friend of
mine was hit by going from YHM to YYZ. He was grounded for two weeks precaution that his exposure did not cause positive damage to the retina.
When they catch the lil brat that did this - life isn't long enuf
Cansojr 1
Unfortunately we we are gets a lot of laser strikes hits around the the larger cities or more the than a million people or more in Canada.


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