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Airbus Delivers 12,000th Aircraft: A220 For Delta (+Photos)

Airbus has celebrated an important milestone with the delivery of its 12,000th commercial aircraft. The plane, however, was not built at the manufacturer's plants in Toulouse, Hamburg, Mobile or Tianjin, but in Mirabel, Canada. Delta Air Lines welcomed the delivery of its 12th A220-100, celebrating with Airbus the tremendous accomplishment of the 12,000th plane manufactured under the Airbus brand. ( Altro...

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Cansojr 3
In fact this aircraft designed and built by Canadians. As demand increased Bombardier sought an honest broker and the sales muscle of Airbus. The strategy is still working. We have to thank DELTA for being a major A list airlines who support this project. AIR CANADA signed on shortly after DELTA. There are over 500 orders. Clients are exercising their options when they realize what a great aircraft this is. The 220 virtually sells itself.
siriusloon -3
In fact, it still counts as the 12,000th Airbus delivery. No matter who designed it or where it was built, it's an Airbus A220.

Do you own shares in Bombardier or are you just auditioning for a job with their PR agency? The C Series' problem wasn't increasing demand, it was well-below-expected demand and Bombardier was having trouble sustaining it until there really was increasing demand. Then Boeing shot itself in the foot with its ridiculous attempt to stifle it, which further delayed any increase in sales. THAT is when Airbus got involved. I've never heard them referred to as an "honest broker" before. That's definitely a new one.
Cansojr 3
Grow up!


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