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Duncan Aviation Radar Art

Currently making a flower over Northeastern Nebraska with a Cessna Citation Excel XLS ( Altro...

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Kobe Hunte 4
People are really hooked on doing radar art!
sparkie624 3
Guilty as Charged! :)
jbqwik 3
I agree, this is very fun stuff. Nice work!
Marine Corps logo (called EGA) as soon as the Weather Clears...not to be outdone lol.
sparkie624 2
Nice.... Excellent Job
Kobe Hunte 1
Sorry i am really stupid but actually how do they do that exactly?
Find your waypoint, type "Make Flower" into your FMS, and sit back and watch the magic. Joking, haven't a clue ;)
Easy. Pick a fix and fly over it then time your outbound leg. So if I fly over the fix from the south and fly outbound from it on the 360 radial, I subtract 30 degrees from that and make a left turn to fly back inbound on the 330 radial and when I recross the fix fly the same length of time on the 150 outbound radial. Again, subtract 30 and make a left turn to fly inbound on the 120 radial and outbound on the 300 radial. Then in on the 270, out on the 90. Use the same time for each outbound leg. After 12 left turns I exit on a 360 course again, leaving behind a 12 petal flower (360/30 equals 12 'petals').
sparkie624 1
Probably an easier way... Program the FMS and engage the Autopilot and set back and watch it on our smart phone while you are doing it.. .LOL :)
Kobe Hunte 1
that doesnt sound very "easy" to me but ok! thanks for explaining!
I was gonna say EXACTLY what Brian said but...uh...I had an errand.

Actually, it's very basic instrument flying. I'm probably revealing my age?
jbqwik 1
thanks Brian for that. You make it sound easy, I don't think it is and hats-off to you who can pull it off.
Some good flight planning!
btweston -1
So... nobody else sees the penis?


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