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Delta to Pay Over $1 Billion in Profit Sharing to Its Employees

Today, Delta is celebrating the achievements of its more than 80,000 employees across the globe by paying out over $1 billion in profit sharing, the fifth consecutive payout at this level for a combined total of more than $6 billion. ( Altro...

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Profit Sharing is good. Mellow out. What relevance is a 36-year old imperial/metric fuel conversion incident relevant to Delta Airlines Profit Sharing in 2019?
Wow - that takes commitment . Will the employees actually anti-up if there is a oss? I mean spend cash not defer a raise. Also how is $$$ divided - equally or by some formula?
Cansojr -1
If you are looking for work DELTA would be my choice in the United States and AIR CANADA contrary to the nonsense reporting Canada's best is AIR TRANSAT NOT AND NEVER WILL BE. They had the longest glider flight to the Azores because they didn't realize they had a serious fuel leak and caught it in time to just make it to Lages.AIR CANADA is my first and only choice.
flyerh 1
Air Canada? Fooey! Was once a good airline but no more. Now, just greedy, like many others.
Your statement is absurd. Do you forget air canada that glided to Gimli because they didn't catch a fuel error?
That aside, good for Delta, hope to see more of this at other airlines and companies.
Cansojr 0
The error was on the fault of the fuel tender. The idiot government passed the metric law when Air Canada was using pounds incidently it is still used in most countries. The Air Canada pilot glided over 100 nautical miles. The aircraft was used for another 25 years. Get your facts straight,I have close to 14,000 hours so I know a little bit of what I speak. You just hate as you have an angry attitude.
No such thing as an error by fuel ender. Captain is responsible to confirm the fuel load. I too have thousands of hours
Don't misinform - Air Canada had a glider too into Gimley. Stupidity - not stupidity on sop of a failure. Avoid both IMHO


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