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Southwest is adding new Angle of Attack indicators to its Boeing 737 Max fleet

First technical change to the airline's 737 Max operations since the October 29 crash of Lion Air 610 ( Altro...

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altawood 4
There will never be an effective substitute for an experienced, trained crew in the cockpit. After 26 years flying several different iterations of the 737, my first response to unwanted trim operation is to disconnect the system, pull out the handles and trim manually.
Torsten Hoff 3
Yeah, and the Lion Air that piloted the previous flight of the accident aircraft did just that. The next crew had 13 minutes to figure it out and run through checklists.

Even if the sensors were faulty and the MCAS system behavior not fully documented, they should have had enough time to avoid a tragedy.
Peter Cooper 1
I can't believe that the previous professional crew did not record the fault and their "fix" in the aircraft's log so that the next crew would have a "heads up" and not have to solve the problem themselves. I'm even more surprised the aircraft wasn't grounded immediately after the first crew reported the problem.
altawood 1
Peter-Ideally, the next crew would have received a repaired, airworthy aircraft from maintenance, not one which still contained faulty components or operational issues.
Graham Manley 1
The trouble was that the plane was not flight tested prior to filling it with passengers and giving it to a flight crew as repaired and airworthy.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
And so, once more, safety makes advances on the shoulders of a tragedy. That's evolution, folks!


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