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United Studies A321LR for Transatlantic Service

United has proposed acquiring Airbus A321LR single-aisle aircraft as replacements for the RB.211-535E4-powered Boeing 757-200s it operates on transatlantic routes. Their studies propose equipping the A321LR with 16 Polaris business-class seats, 72 Economy Plus extra-legroom seats and 90 economy seats compared to the 757-200s currently configured with 16 in Polaris business class, 45 in Economy Plus and 108 in the economy cabin. Quite the unusual given that United has been very vocal about the… ( More...

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Lars Hallberg 3
We are seniors and flew to Ireland from ORD, AAL 787-8 next to last row. Seats were thin but ok with a couple of pillows behind our backs! I would not have done the trip on aingle aisle aircraft (757, 737, A321 etc). We are not "large" people and are fine going 4-5 hours on single aisle. We have several more years of leisure travel and if the airlines even give a rip, we will not go "cattle car". The FAA should set pitch at 32", the airlines will cheat and make it 31" anyway. Measure bolt to bolt on the rail.
Daniel Stein 1
I have no really sharp axe to grind about the relation between leisure travel and climate change; make hay while the sun shines, folks -- go with my good wishes. I can grind a different axe about the amount of bitching that goes on about cabin conditions. There appears to be a certain level of narcissism among the traveling public or else we preferentially hear from those who just feel better after complaining to no one in particular.
chalet 1
You are confusing the issue: the fact that there are single aisle aircraft with very unconfortable seats it is not because of being single aisle, it is because the damn airlines have become sardine packing trucks traqnsportation systems. FYI there are twin aisle aircraft that sport 31" pitch seats which makes it very unconfortable squatting on them for five or more hours.
Lars Hallberg 1
I was not confused. Some twin aisle aircraft have seating for two without having to worry about some oversized, over anything person sharing space. Think A-330 with 2-4-2 or 787 with some rear 2-3-2 layouts (AAL for one). We are HNL bound on Hawaiian A-330, United and AAL are pushing A-321's and Alaska had 737-8's. For domestic flights, I am looking forward to the A-220 which will bring the 3-2 back to single aisle. So whatever major airline jumps the crowd and voluntarily goes to 32-33" pitch in economy will gain a following (oh, wait, Southwest already does it). As you can probably tell, I am a cranky old guy who thought the 707 was really great. I flew on a Connie in 1951 as a kid.
TWA55 2
Too bad a newer 757 cannot be built, and I am not talking a 737 max
Torsten Hoff 3
I don’t understand why the 757 is often mentioned as a preferred alternative to the A321LR. They are both single-isle designs with typically six seats per row in economy, but the A321LR cabin is wider. Both the 757 and A320 were originally intended for much shorter routes, but honestly it’s a toss-up between them — I don’t see one having a real advantage over the other in terms of passenger comfort (at least if the 757 was equipped with a modern interior).
btweston 2
Passenger comfort? Right. If it costs $1 less than the other guy, people will buy it. Sure, they’ll complain, but do you think United cares? They’d mail us in cardboard boxes if they could get away with it.
william baker 1
They are building one it’s cslled the 797 problem is they are being slowwwwwwwwww about it.
Highflyer1950 4
I wonder what the business model will look like if & when the FAA mandates an ie; minimum 34” seat pitch for all flights scheduled over 5 hours no matter what the a/c type?

UAL won’t buy the 321LR or XLR.
Expect a 797 order announcement and most likely the North American launch customer at Paris
carlos rivera 1
They are NONSENSE by eliminating two emergency exits in order to fit more pax..I do not think FAA will never approve that negligence move..
Ric Wernicke 1
Is United being run by aviators or sharp pencil boys? (Accounts) I'll tell you I am out if they only offer a single aisle with 28" pitch on the new "back breaker" seats. Better to install a rail and hang straps and stand up for five hours.

The 321LR is slower, but also needs an aux center fuel tank for some flights. So lees freight to pay the bills and less passenger comfort than a NY subway at going home time. What are they thinking?
It may be as simple as wanting a better deal. I don't doubt everyone's sales reps reads this stuff and if the competition believes United is serious about considering the 321LR they might well sweeten the deal for the not 321LR. Which will probably be pretty sweet anyway. (Likely launch customer and all that. Unless Delta beats them to it.) It's just good business to shop around.
hal pushpak -1
They are simply inviting (if not baiting) the FAA, through the US legislative process, to intervene and mandate breathable seat pitch. Just plain ol' greed..
Derek Vaughn 0
I understand the economics and modernization purposes of fleet renewal, but United is trying to replace the second best airplane in their fleet to continue single aisle transatlantic service.
btweston 1
Howard Schwenk -5
If it isn't Boeing....I'm not going.


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