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Facebook terminates solar-powered flying wing project

Menlo Park - Last week Facebook announced that it terminated the Aquila project, a huge, solar-powered wing-shaped drone designed to enable internet access in the remote parts of the world. ( Altro...

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dval18 6
They've unfriended the solar-powered wing project.
jcw1953 1
You are a very mean person!
Bum deal. Not wasted money, they learned allot about what and how to pursue future tech. The guys in Skunk Works were nerds, in stealth project geeks, and now "romper room group". I am an old guy but the young kids will be shaping our future tech and how far we push it. Not so negative, eh.
linbb 7
Must be fun spending money on something that was bound to fail.
Don’t look for them to go broke over this. 🤭
I can dream, can't I?
SFOBro 1
THE dream, and please keep dreaming, it's all we have in this regard.
jcw1953 2
When Puerto Rico got hit with the Hurricane last year... Google set up balloons with wireless network hot spots for free internet service that had solar cells....and helium to keep them up....
Much better than drones to me....
jcw1953 2
Never knew
Facebook was a leader in aviation and wireless
SFOBro 1
OH, I'm sure that SOME people will think they are the leader in everything.
I'll reserve my opinion about Facebook, that in most other commentaries and contexts, I would call Spacebook, but they aren't getting that credit in this forum.
Joe Mayer 1

OK, so I'm in a part of the world where I can't spell internet much less collect it and put it on a computer (can't spell that either) and along comes this magic solar powered gadget to give me access to the internet. Huh? What am I missing?
SFOBro 1
I can help! You need to get the letter over the world pipe down to the TVs with click clackers.
OK! That clears it up. It's all cyber blah-blahs. At any rate thanks for the input :)
I wonder when the romper room crowd will realize that drones are toys not for use in many aviation applications
SFOBro 1
Although I love "the romper room crowd" lol, I'm not quite sure about drones not being used for aviation applications. But I trust that you mean that we don't have unmanned drones flying about in the guise of Passenger Jetliners, actually CARRYING passengers.


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