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The World’s Shortest International Jet Flight? Aruba Airlines Launches 8-minute Flight To Punto Fijo

Aruban flag carrier, Aruba Airlines, launched what could arguably be labeled as the world’s shortest commercial flight by jet plane. The airline, in partnership with the Venezuelan government, inaugurated its Aruba (AUA)-Punto Fijo (LSP) route on its Bombardier CRJ-200LR yesterday. The two airports are separated by a short 50 miles. However, the two countries are separated by 15 miles (24 km). Currently, the world’s shortest commercial flight is Loganair’s Westray to Papa Westray, scheduled to… ( Altro...

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You are free to move about the cabin. Nope, return to your seat as we begin our descent.
Captain can you do a couple of 360's, the guy in 22c hasn't finished his Zinfadel?
Not much of a time builder!
Wow, $235 to travel 50 miles - Works out to $4.70 per mile. That'd make PER to LHR (second longest jet flight) cost over $40,000 at the same rate..
But not much more than a cab
I didn't get my snack!
would you like a peanut?
sry to disappoint you :
Note that it said 'international' and 'jet'... The one mentioned above is in a twin-prop and is between two Scottish Islands... :-)


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