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Truck Hits Southwest Plane at BWI Airport

A ground vehicle at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport collided with a Southwest Airlines plane on a runway late Sunday night, officials said. ( Altro...

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Too bad KBAL tv can’t tell the difference between a runway and a ramp! Maybe they should just stick to reporting the weather, because when the reporter feels wet it must be raining.
joel wiley 7
At least they didn't call it tarmac.
Yeah, I was just pointing out the inconsistency of the print version on the post.
sparkie624 4
LOL... If he were really on the runway and the truck hit him, it would have been a lot bigger news!
Too bad KBAL doesn't have a proofreader: "Lei was on the impact-side of the plant..."
lol,my friend.
Jim Myers 1
"Southwest Flight 6263, which was arriving in Baltimore from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was pulling into a gate when a ground vehicle came in contact with the plane, officials said."

Looks to me like they specifically said it was pulling into a gate...
wx1996 2
A ground vehicle at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport collided with a Southwest Airlines plane on a runway late Sunday night, officials said.
In all my time at DFW thorough proper training I always knew,If i was taxing the plane to the gate to follower the correct taxi lines and watch for the lights all the way to the gates or the hanger from the gates. If I was driving a truck or ground vehicle on the taxi ways or ramp,"The aircraft ALWAYS has the right of way" PERIOD.
AWAAlum 3
See? I KNEW these driverless cars and trucks weren't such a great idea.
djames225 2
Actually they may be a good least the steering wheel won't get distracted trying to fiddle with the radio or cell phone.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Bill Vance 4
Not due to a truck bump. NTSB determined it was due to an engine change procedure developed by Amaeican and Continental, not the manufacturers’ recommend procedure.

“The NTSB determined that the damage to the left wing engine pylon had occurred during an earlier engine change at the American Airlines aircraft maintenance facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on March 29 and 30, 1979”
“The method chosen by American and Continental procedure supported the engine/pylon assembly with a large forklift.”
Well, regardless if the truck crashed into the plane at a gate or on the runway, it had no business being that close to a moving plane anyhow. Wonder what the truck driver was doing when he/she bashed into the plane. Talk about distracted driving.
djames225 3
I am betting this is what happens when you either try texting while driving or are distracted by your cell phone.Doesn't just happen on the highways and byways.
Not just cell phones. Years ago while I was working ATOC at RAF Mildenhall, long before cell phones were a normal, an airman who worked in Special Handling just loaded mail on an aircraft and he was reporting it back to me on the radio. I saw him out the window, drive under the wing of a C5 and smashed into a light cart. He was distracted by the radio and in a hurry to deliver to the next plane.
Mike Mohle 0
RECOR10 -9
Having met a few folks who are on the ground crew at ORD, RFD and best guess is he was doing Meth or Heroin.
AWAAlum 4
If that's your "best guess" maybe you should give up on guessing altogether.
srobak 0
he is actually very likely correct.
djames225 1
You think the ONLY reason someone cracked up the vehicle while driving into an aircraft, is because they were on drugs?? Ever hear of radio distractions, cell phone distractions, dumping coffee on your lap distraction??
Gene Poon 1
"...a ground vehicle came in contact with the plane..."

That's like Amtrak Media Relations who, when there is an outright train wreck, says the train "lost contact with the rail."
Looks like they fixed the wording; it no longer says "runway." Though "gated area" still sounds a bit odd, especially in Baltimore. It's not San Diego.
sparkie624 1
This kind of things happens more often that people think... had a pickup truck with the drivers foot stuck on the gas pedal being drug outside of the drivers door, under a CRJ that went airborne (with mechanics on board and wedged into the Jetway! - Strange Unexplained things happen in this industry...
While I was based in KRIC, we had a brand new lav truck smash into one of our EMB145's. Totaled the truck and took that aircraft out of commission for about a month. It was due for a C check anyway. It still had to be flown to KBNA for heavy maintenance.


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