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Woman denied emotional support peacock on United flight

Birds of a feather may flock together, but United Airlines recently shot down one traveler’s request to bring her emotional support peacock on a flight departing Newark Liberty International Airport. ( More...

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canuck44 21
Peacock is probably smarter than the owner...certainly more stable.
PaulN2719 19
How long before someone wants an extra seat for their emotional support imaginary friend?
I have an emotional support family. So if i want to fly, the rest of my family has to fly for free!
Duane Osman 16
Thank God T.Rex's aren't around.
sharon bias 13
I have to give her credit if she can get a peacock to sit calmly. I've been working with my peacock for 5 years and can only get about 2 feet close to him. I can't imagine a flight with a peacock crying all the time.
SorenTwin 5
Cripes, can you imagine how loud that would be?
ken young 2
Peafowl can be loud and obnoxious. They are known to have a propensity to attack bystanders and their owners.
Bill Sampson 1
Damn, sounds just like a bunch of people I know!
ken young 1
Bill Sampson 1
I was thinking the same exact thing. I also have one and every now and then he will snatch bread from my hand I could never get close enough to him to try and pick him up without getting the crap beat out of me, otherwise he fun to have around I love watching him fly!
dmanuel 26
I wonder what type spin NBC will put on this, since it is a Peacock.
Sidney Smith 4
Perfect! Love it.
Sidney Smith 9
The first positive achievement for United this year.
mike SUT 23
Guess this means I won't be able to get my emotional support Hippopotamus on board either. Luckily I have a backup animal that makes me feel better, my Orangutan. He's called Floyd. Wears diapers so when the turbulence starts, nothing hits the fan.
No dice on the of March, Delta will not allow exotic emotional support animals including ferrets, insects, spiders, goats or animals with tusks or hooves to fly.
Abe Wagschal 5
Are the airlines going to stripsearch everyone now to check for body lice and or the crabs,

If they dont allow insects on board maybe half the people flying should be barred because they have the brain of an insect or are as dumb as insects ( no insult to Insects or confort animals)
mike SUT 2
He's only exotic when he wears his G-string and pasties and dances with the pole.
Iain Maciver 16
This whole ‘support animal’ thing is so way out of control. Sadly the phonies out number any (are there any?) legitimate animals. Most times its granma who does not want to put snookums in a kennel while she is away. When will this pc nonsense stop?
Paul Hurford 1
The whole notion of a "Support Animal," other than a well trained K-9 should NOT be allowed on any flight. As lain says "... is so way out of control." I'm so sick of this Politically Correct nonsense needs to be tamed way down.
A few more flakes and we will have a bowl full.
D. W. 6
Taking gaminess and scamminess and attention-getting to new highs (or, lows), the woman, who calls herself "Ventiko," and says she's a "performance artist" (whatever that is, these days) claimed that she needed the peacock for "emotional support," huh?

What she really needs is psychotherapy and reality-training: a peacock (messy; really, really noisy)can no more give "emotional support" to anything or anybody (except maybe other peacocks)than a 172 can give anyone a 1st-class travel experience across the Atlantic. It's a damn bird! Why do you think there's a derogatory connotation to the word(s), "bird-brain?"

In this case, it's clearly a matter of another usually-critical saying or adage: "Birds of a feather . . ." F*****g airhead!
Chris B 6
Perhaps Airlines can develop a unit load device that can be equipped with two bird cages. One for the Peacock, the other for its owner.
Mike Mohle 6
And then place it in the cargo hold......
Shenghao Han 11
Oh no, does that mean my emotional support Cockroach and mice won't able to get on a United fight as well :( (it is a joke)

But come on people... don't abuse the privilege of "emotional support animal" and brining your exotic pets as "emotional support animal"
Arlen Bloom 5
Take the circus train. There should be plenty of room in the elephant car.
ken young 4
Good. The animal thing is out of control. These people that cannot be separated from their animals for 15 minutes need to be alerted to the fact that their rights begin and end at their person. That if they have emotional problems, they cannot project them on others to the extent that everyone else is made to be uncomfortable or is inconvenienced.
Common sense must prevail.
M20ExecDriver 1
Whoa. Can't do that in today's political climate. Everyone has to be pleased, regardless of their mental or physical condition. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
Andre Perez 4
Instead of a peacock, she should get a boyfriend for emotional support.
Definitely a candidate for space travel, she's halfway there.
Scam alert- this woman is some tyoe of “performance artist” , a loon, with her peacock.
jim chi 7
I was flying last year and some last brought a cat with her. The elderly women that was o in the seat next to her was allergic to cats. No seats available for her to move so she was told to exit the plane. She did. Pets need to be in the storage area of the plane like their supposed to be. If not, then drive to where you're going!
CampGirl 0
I bet if the elderly woman had a peanut allergy all peanuts would have been removed from the flight. This is just nuts.
alan75035 8
Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere!
Another sign of the destruction of Western Civilization. Service animals require training. The notion that a bird with a brain the size of a marble can be trained to provide emotional support is preposterous. The owner should be institutionalized.
John Silva 3
Performance Artist my —SS. AKA Exotic dancer, Stripper. The Peacock is probably her dance partner.
yep... most likly.
monalisa75 3
My Emotional Support comes in a bottle, its exotic scientific name either Zoloft and/or Effexor. It doesn't take too many space, not making any kind noises and it's really comforting me.
Mike Mohle 3
Scam Alert!
joe drake 7
Guess the chemtrails have affected her brain
Iain Maciver 4
Brains you say, more like an air pocket
Burke Files 4
Here is a link to how to roast a peacock.
I'll be damn, it's a real recipe! Bet it tastes like chiken (sic) hahahaha
Ron Lorenz 2
How about the bed bugs in the Luggage?
Does it have the same carry-on rights as the passenger? Like 3 oversized bags???
Mike Petro 2
This is almost as bad as able-bodied people getting wheelchairs in order to bypass the security line and get to preboard.
M20ExecDriver 2
Miracle flights. They get on with a wheelchair and then knock you over going up the jetway. Amazing what a three hour flight on the east coast to Florida I will do for your health.
Jeff Pelton 2
One of the local Los Angles major TV stations commented about this, wondering if this was a Publicity Stunt to increase her You Tube following. I understand from that she has a quite large following.
Les Ede 2
the final solution to this and I am surprised no one else thought of... Put her and the peacock in the luggage compartment under the aircraft... problem solved !!!!!~
M20ExecDriver 3
It's all part of the "entitled" culture.
My fundie neighbor says Jesus is always with him. I wonder when he'll want a free seat for him...
ToddBaldwin3 2
Excuse me, where can I put my emotional support giraffe?

Hello Marmol
I think Christian said this as a joke, not knowing the link you would post... By the way: Even I clicked on your link and stunned about so much ... ... human stupidity.

Not sure if Christian knew about it or not. But the link I posted was from a satirical blog. I had actually just saw that article posted (the joke giraffe) the night before, on Facebook.
Someone should have told her "This is United Airlines, not the Marrakesh Express!"
DanWardlaw 1
It's from fox news, the President's favorite news station. FAKE NEWS.
jagerardi 0
I originally saw this on Huff Post, so I'd tend to agree with you on the "fake news" thing...

But it IS hard to ignore butt-hurt Liberal snowflakes and their need for "emotional support," so I think this might actually be true.

Peter McGrath -1
Well, I bet the peacock screeches less than the liberal.
Peter Maas 1
What the hell. There is a zoo everywhere.
btweston -2
She can bring whatever she wants as long as I can have my emotional support doobie.


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