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Boeing and Embraer study on a broad alliance rather than a takeover, including military aviation

Two weeks after the announcement of negotiations between Boeing and Embraer, the outlines of a possible alliance between the American giant and the flagship Brazilian aeronautics become clearer. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, a partnership between Embraer and Boeing could be beneficial, including the military field. ( Altro...

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At the 2016 Farnborough Airshow, Embraer and Boeing signed an agreement to jointly market and support the KC-390, one of three contenders for Canada's fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) program. - copy/paste from Wikipedia entry on KC-390

It would be great to have the KC390 in the inventory to replace the C130. Time for the 4-fan-trashcan to retire.
The so-called 4-fan-trashcan can land and takeoff on a carrier without assists (no tail hook and no catapult needed). Nothing can beat the STOL capabilities of a tuboprop...


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