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Denver's On the Verge of Landing a Nonstop Flight to Another European City

Denver’s run of landing new international flights may not be over just yet. Colorado Economic Development Commission members today approved the offering of as much as $500,000 in incentives to aid Denver officials in landing a nonstop flight to an unnamed European destination that they said would create an economic impact of some $12 million annually. ( Altro...

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joel wiley 4
I do hope the disclose the destination prior to takeoff /s
scott8733 1
.....although if not Joel, it would make for a great episode of The Gong Show.
News reports here in Denver are saying Norwegian to Paris de Gaulle. As to Norwegian and London, Gatwick service will start in Sept. from KDEN.
pilotjag 1
My guess... It will possibly be Norwegian
Norwegian's second flight out of Denver (seat map fits the description from article), probably to Barcelona or maybe Oslo.
linbb 1
Finally its starting to become what it was supposed to in the first place. The airport was a boondoggle from the start with under the table deals before and during the construction.
pilotjag 1
My question is... Why hasn't United ever given any thought about operating DEN-Paris given Denver is one of their hubs?
pilotjag 1
I'm surprised they don't even offer flights to London from DEN. But the only reason I can think of is that BA already serves Denver from Heathrow. But still...


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