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John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, dies at 95

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth and a longtime US senator, died Thursday, according to the Ohio State University. He was 95. ( Altro...

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sparkie624 7
Gear UP, Full Speed Ahead, Cleared to Flight Level Unlimited... Another aviator to have earned his permanent wings. RIP John Glenn, you will be long remembered!
bentwing60 9
Ya know, when I took my Lear/ATP ride,first type and ATP at the same time, not that uncommon in the day, I kinda thought I glowed. After several thousand hours above 410 I look at the moon in all the perspectives I posses and remember Mr. Glenn as the first astronauts name I always knew. He was a banner! He did it all at the risk of life and limb. For less than kaepernick "gets" in a week". He wasn't the first guy on the moon, but he was "the first step" The reason for the post, "a tribute to Mr Glenn", and a tribute to those other guys who spent any amount of time lookin out the window and wonderin if you coulda done that. Prolly Not. At least, you were closer than most on this site. It ain't about the "clubs". And he "glowed" his whole life.
I was 7 years old when Col. Glenn orbited the earth. My parents thought it was more important to watch history being made than go to school . Godspeed John Glenn. When it came to class very few had his Right Stuff! You will never be forgotten and always cherished.
He was the third to ordinary the earth.
sparkie624 3
LOL... I had to read your message a few times... I think you meant 'ORBIT'!
Yes I did mean orbit.....thanks.
bbabis 4
The Mercury 7 are all together again. Thank you gentlemen for starting us on the way to the stars. Godspeed all.

I will never forget the collective fear that raced across the United States and Canada whèn the telemetry from Friendship 7 indicated that his heat shield haď come loose. Col. Glenn was instructed to re-enter the atmosphere in excess of 18,000 mph with his retro pac still attached. Like the pro he was he calmed Mission Control and two nation's that were holding their breath until blackout expired with the unforgettable words, "Friendship 7 here and standing by". That's the definition of the Right Stuff!
30west 3
Godspeed, John Glenn!
Dee Lowry 3
God Speed, John Glenn. You are where you want to be. Explore the heaven's.
Thank you for your bravery and teaching us about the universe. It all started with you.
Mr.Bentwing60 I can only say BRAVO for your fine comments regarding Col.Glenn.
A genuine American Hero. RIP Senator Glenn.


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