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Incident: Emirates B773 at Hamburg on Jun 13th 2016, flaps up landing

An Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EGK performing flight EK-61 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Hamburg (Germany), was on approach to Hamburg's runway 05 descending through about 2800 feet when the crew initiated a go-around due to problems with the flaps. The aircraft entered a hold at 4000 feet while the crew worked the related checklists and prepared for flaps up landing. The aircraft subsequently positioned for another approach to runway 05 and landed safely at a… ( Altro...

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AvHerald is an aviation website dedicated to listing all commercial aviation incidents worldwide, regardless of how minor the severity. It's not a news site, and this is just a standard incident report, one of thousands in their database.
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No it's not. There are many more incidents than are listed on avherald.

Ref:, the answer to

RP: How many percent of all daily occurrences are covered by The Aviation Herald? In other words, how much else happens in the air without coverage?


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