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Air NZ to operate A320 flights from Coff

Air NZ CEO Luxton has won the right to fly non stop flights from Auckland to Coff's Harbor return from November 2016. The announcement was made ove TVNZ earlier today. Luxton says it's a stepping stone into the Australian domestic market and the growing competition against the other trans Tasman rivals Jetstar airways Virgin & Qantas. Luxton says it will boost the tourism market and Coff's harbor has potential growth from the first international carrier to there airport. Air… ( Altro...

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Sorry the heading should be Coff's Harbor
A great move by Air NZ. There is not an ILS available into there, but the Banana Coast does need the tourism boost coming direct from the Land of the Long White Cloud. Tigerair already fly the A320 direct into Coffs from MEL at a low frequency.
Terrific move really even though this is a small airport the A320 can get in and out no problems ILS not so much of a problem but this will open the gateway up for the banana rural community and for the tourism industry. You never know the big Red roo might follow or use ther dash 800 or b717's into this regional airport lets see how the kiwi carrier goes


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