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PA28 Lands in Ocean; Student pilots swim away unharmed

Two student pilots who took off from an airport in Marathon on Tuesday morning ditched their plane off Haulover Beach after experiencing engine trouble. ( Altro...

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2 students and no instructor. Looks more like grand theft than training.
They could be "students" at one of the flight schools in Florida, having already obtained a private certificate. Doesn't really indicate one way or another in this story.
linbb 2
Very true as they cannot fly any passengers with a student permit as one is then the passenger.
btweston 1
Lots of professional track flight schools pair students up and have them fly around to build hours and practice working as a two person crew. They wear uniforms and everything. They would, of course, need to be qualified to do so, but it is a pretty common thing.

"Student" doesn't necessarily denote a lack of a private pilot certificate. But you're the know resident know-it-all who pontificates first and asks questions never, so go jump in a lake.
quick search of FAA does not show a certificate for either of those names. hmmmmmm......
Considering the length of the flight, I would like to know if they had a fuel starvation issue. Lucky they didn't flip the plane. That would have made exit somewhat more difficult. Happy to know they survived. Would love to see some followup on this incident.
iflyfsx 1
I will never understand how you can *land* on the *ocean*.


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