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Virgin Atlantic plane scrapes fence on US runway.

Virgin Atlantic plane scrapes fence on US runway. Click on the link and take look. ( Altro...

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BOAC747 1
yep herd about it I thought it was there Australia company Virgin Australia but they only have B777'S A330'S B738,B737-700 ATR'S BOMBARDIER A/C
Why not install sensors on wing tips? It must be a reason why right?
Not sure if the fault is with the ground crew (tug driver and wingmen) or the flight crew who probably had a tough time seeing the wing tips. A340 I think from FA info on this flight number.
linbb 1
If it was the tug then the flight crew is along for the ride until unhooked. As far as the wag above this post think he needs to get a grip on how AC are handled and how they clear or are supposed to clear things.
This is another incident with a Virgin aircraft the last was the B744 came down with a collapsed undercarrige what about the altimeters and GPWS this would have also triggered this to show the A330 was to low
linbb 2
Don't see anything to indicate on the above story that would suggest it was ever in the air.


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