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(Video) 24 hours of FlightAware's airline flight data over the US

How would it look if you animated an entire day of FlightAware's airline flight data over the US? NATS did it -- it's amazing and beautiful! The timestamps in the video are UTC, so the video starts in the middle of the night. ( Altro...

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joel wiley 4
Tell the truth. Did you think you would be here like this when you started 10 years ago? Congratulations are in order.
We didn't ever imagine it would grow to what it is today, that's for certain. But I think you can tell we enjoy what we do!
joel wiley 4
Have fun. I certainly do. And thanks for piaware et al.
This is awesome... I wish it had a ticking clock showing the "real" time to help with the perspective of speed/spacing.
Interesting to see the two planes leave LAX at 1:30 in the video make it across the USA near their max speed.
30west 1
Don't forget to factor in the prevailing westerly tailwinds. Always enjoyed seeing the occasional 600 knots GS threshold eclipsed on trips from the left coast to JFK.
aeroflyer 1
It would also be nice to see the FDX and UPS hubs in action.
Tom Lyons 1
s2v8377 1
Looks like an interesting approach was in use at LGA. RNAV 13??? or ILS 22 loop for 13??? JFK appeared to be on the 31's.

Great video and congratulations to FlightAware!!!
Very nice
Fascinating. I note that about 1:20 (on the progress bar) two flights leave the LA area and terminate in the north end of the Gulf of California. Hope they were sea planes or amphibs ;>)
Awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the major airlines hijacks that idea and uses it as it own.
That's awesome! Very well done.
Tom Lyons 1
The only thing I've seen that has a similar concept is an animation of 24 hours of Fed Ex flight ops:
Terrific blend of data, skills, passions and a keen eye for effective aesthetics. Very engaging and lots of fun. Great collaboration between FlightAware and NATS. Thank you for your efforts. While here, a shout-out to the visualization piece (very similar) that the New York Times put together to illustrate the flow and current patterns to help explain how that wing part on the doomed Malaysian airliner could bob in the ocean for over a year and wind up on a beach 3,000 miles away, and fall within plausible prediction indicators. Similarly engaging. Well done here!
Very innovated and interesting. Super job!!!!!!!
Interesting. KMSP doesn't even seem to show up.


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