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C-130 crashes in Indonesian city of Medan, casualties unknown

A Hercules C-130 military plane has crashed in a residential neighborhood in Medan city, Sumatra, an Indonesian military spokesman said. "We don't know yet the number of people on board, or how many casualties have been caused," military spokesman Fuad Basya told Reuters. Photos posted online on social media show the scale of the destruction, with black smoke billowing from the crash site, damaged cars and residential buildings in flames. Crowds of onlookers have gathered at the… ( Altro...

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World News 24h ‏@WorldNews_24h 59s60 seconds ago
UPDATE: #Hercules C-130 reportedly crashed on hotel, houses in built-up area, number of casualties still unknown
VIDEO taken in the aftermath of the crash
PF Tagdyr ‏@Tagdyr_en 10m10 minutes ago
At Least 30 Dead as Military Plane Crashes in Indonesian City Medan: Indonesian Air Force Hercules C-130 crash..
preacher1 0
Well, so much for 4 engines. When something breaks, it breaks.
andrew357 1
not just that these pilots don't know how to fly them or they have no experience with the C 130'S like the 777's Asiana Airlines KSFO??
preacher1 2
They must have a handle on them. Somewhere in the story it comments about it didn't crash until the 3rd pass, so idk.
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Indonesian Air Force C-130 Crashed Into A Dense Neighborhood In Medan

In what is truly a horrific scene, a C-130 belonging to the Indonesian Air Force crashed in a dense residential neighborhood in Indonesia’s third largest city. At this time, reports state that 12 crewman were on-board the Hercules transport, and at least 43 bodies have been recovered from the scene. A frantic search and rescue operation remains underway.
Jhon Lewis 0
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C-130 Crashes in Medan,Indonesia over 100 suspected deat.

In Medan over 100 are suspected dead due to a Indonesian Military C-130 crashing within the city of Medan, Indonesia. Investigators right now say engine trouble might be to blame, although it may change within the next few days.


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